My Tweet as Art

Well, I just found out that I’m infamous. In a certain quarter anyway.

I had a tweet a while ago, from Damion.

“@jeh704 hey dude your words have been immortalized as “art” now!”

I couldn’t embed the tweet because Damion’s account is protected

Here’s the photo he’s referring to.


Now you have to look closely, but the photo clearly shows a tweet from me “Outwest” to the left of the one upright pump.

I didn’t even know people were searching my timeline and to be honest, they had to go back quite a bit to pull this one up.

Yeah, from November 2012. The article this comes from raises a good question. Is this “fair use” or should the artist have received permission from all those tweets, etc., used?

I honestly don’t know since I’m not a lawyer and I would only question this if this piece of “art” were used for some sort of monetary gain. Again though, not being schooled in the law, it may not matter since my tweet was public.

I think it’s interesting that some inconsequential tweet of mine from almost 2 years ago has been included.

Go and read the article all of this comes from and let Beth know what you think about this artwork.

2 thoughts on “My Tweet as Art

  1. Thanks for the mention. 🙂

    I find copyright issues fascinating. I also find it fascinating that some skeptics seem to blatantly ignore copyright issues on a regular basis. I know of one jewelery maker who routinely uses trademarked images such as the Tardis (Dr. Who) as well as Star Trek symbols in her art… without a speck of concern… all for profit.

    It’s very perplexing.

    Thanks again. — Beth 🙂


    • Well, nothing surprises me anymore with a certain crowd. Remember DragonCon last year where a certain jewelry maker and her friend tried to get out of paying the fee for a booth? Yeah, the vitriol that came from them. And they were in the wrong!


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