Veterans Day: Don’t Forget the Families

As today is Veterans Day, we should all remember those that have sacrificed so much so that we, at home, may enjoy the freedom that those men and women have provided.

We should think about the families, those parents, siblings, spouses, and children that have sacrificed as well.

During the last 13 years, many of these veterans have had multiple deployments in the Iraq and Afghanistan theaters, often for a year at a time, risking life and limb. Many, if not most of us, know someone that’s served recently and we should cherish them.

We should also thank the families, because they are the unseen warriors that have
provided the emotional and psychological support for their loved ones. Many don’t understand the impact on the family. The absence of a loved one, the fear for the safety and the agonizing day-by-day countdown until they’re finally home.

Many families also provide a level of material support, sending “care packages” of items we take for granted, but are hard to come by in theater, making their loved one more comfortable in a situation that is anything but.

So, when you meet a veteran today, make sure you thank them for their service. If their family is with them, thank them as well.

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