A Walmart Boycott?


A bit earlier I was perusing my Twitter timeline when I ran across several tweets concerning Walmart. These tweets were promoting a hashtag, #BoycottWalmart. I admit I don’t sit all day looking at Twitter so I did a quick search of the tag to try and understand what was going on where some people were calling for this boycott.

I discovered that people were saying that Walmart was selling apparel with Impeach 45 and some other anti-Trump goods. I was a bit surprised by this and even more to some of the tweeted comments about Walmart being left-wing, and even worse.

Note these tweets were coming from conservatives and obvious Trump supporters. I thought, Here we go again. We can’t seem to get through a week lately without some sort of political outrage from one side or the other. Lets just boycott all those companies that happen to have a different political/social view than ours.

Own an iPhone? throw it out, Apple is a company that supports progressive ideals, along with Microsoft and a large number of Fortune 500 companies that lean politically or socially one way or the other. Any company that doesn’t fall in line, with either progressive or conservative ideology? We’ll have our side issue a boycott.

I finally went to Walmart’s website and did a search for these goods. There was nothing to be found. Now it could be that since the first tweets went out, Walmart took the products offline. It also could be that someone walked into a single store and saw some of these goods and that they were not part of any anti-Trump campaign by Walmart.

Either way, its time to end these silly calls for boycotts no matter the political ideology.

3 thoughts on “A Walmart Boycott?

  1. These calls for various boycotts have become so frequent and widespread that I’d guess that most people now ignore most of them. When they were more selective, they likely had some small impact. Now, I’d guess they don’t amount to much especially when large corporations are involved.


    • I noticed later in the day a few tweets saying that Walmart had taken down those items off their site, which is probably why when I searched on their site, I couldn’t find them.


  2. Well, in my role as a world-famous contrarian, let me point out that consumers have always had an interest in how corporations spent the consumers’ money.

    The word “boycott” itself is named for a rat bastard from 1800.

    Citizen boycotts of business has always been seen as legal and moral non-violent protest.

    Unless they are boycotting ME, the fascist Commie stinkers!


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