The Things People Buy



Umm, okay. I was looking online to order snacks. One of the items that came up was this. Seriously? People buy canned Rattlesnake? Well, I don’t think it would be carried by Amazon unless someone, somewhere, actually purchased it. Don’t get me wrong. I’m not adverse to it, as being in the military for most of my adult life we sometimes had to hunt, eat, that which we’d never find in a grocery store. Still, that people that live in the Big PX would want to order online something this exotic, well, I just find it odd. Okay interesting.

3 thoughts on “The Things People Buy

  1. Coming soon…canned human. And why not? To save the planet, we must eat as many humans as we can, until eaten ourselves.

    I am not sure how much more of this I can take…
    Pass the rattlesnake.


  2. I’m sure there are exceptions, but my guess is that it usually comes down to someone wanting to be able to tell others they’ve eaten weird things. I remember going to an expensive restaurant in Colorado that had an appetizer platter that included Rocky Mountain “oysters,” calamari, rattlesnake, alligator, and another couple of things I can’t recall. The people I was with insisted on ordering one for the table. Nobody seemed to enjoy any of it enough that they’d order it regularly, so I suspect that the appeal mostly came down to the shock value.


  3. I think you may be correct. I will leave the “oysters” alone, but I do like to try different foods. Squid, alligator, ox tongue, snails, frog legs. Some I liked, some I would only eat if I was very, very hungry. Different parts of the world, or even our own country, different ideas of what is good to eat. Scrapple-good. Souse-not trying it because I am put off by the gelatin. Sausage-ok with barbecue sauce or molasses. Scrambled eggs and pig brains-nope. Pickled pork hocks-rather not. And that’s just the pig. No doubt somebody likes his “oysters” too and you know other things get pickled, which I am not even writing about.


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