Virus? There’s a Virus?

It seems the more we learn about the Wuhan virus the less we actually seem to know. As I’ve written before, it’s come to a point where people just don’t know what or who to believe. Did anyone see this recent article on the lies of Anthony Fauci? He’s admitted keeping information from people. Why? How many died from overdoses., suicide, or some other treatable disease because of the schizophrenic response we’ve somehow become used to from all levels of government and what appears to be some sort of coverup among government scientists.

We’ve all heard What we don’t know about [fill in topic] would fill volumes. We could easily say that about the Wuhan virus. We have learned about it but what do we really know about transmissibility, infection rates, and yes mortality over the last ten months? Almost nothing. What did I just say? Yes, almost nothing. We know for instance that people with weak immune systems and those with some sort of co-morbidity are more likely to have the severest cases. That’s older and sick people. Gee, we can say the same for influenza. That wasn’t a stretch for anyone to make and certainly didn’t place anyone’s career in jeopardy. We can say the same thing for the common cold. As for infection rates, the numbers vary wildly. Yes, wildly. People that cough or sneeze or have a sore throat must be covid positive and even if the testing doesn’t make a clear positive indication, that person is marked as having the virus. That’s right. It’s done differently in every country and in the U.S. each state has their own protocols for diagnosis.

What the actual numbers are, may never be known. I’m not attempting to say that this pandemic is not something to be concerned about, but the way it has been approached has been with keystone cop-like efficiency, and that’s all around the world. Except, well, maybe, sub-Saharan Africa. Anyone noticed the horrific death rate there is what what amounts in many cases to be third-world, without a lot of advanced medical care capability? How about Central America? Can anyone think of what is common about these two disparate regions of the world? Why are their contraction rates lower than in Europe, or the U.S? I leave that for a moment.

Now there’s a published report out, surveying almost ten million people in Wuhan, China, over a few months that makes the claim that asymptomatic transmission of the virus just doesn’t happen. In other words, if we can trust the source, these lockdowns and mask wearing isn’t doing a thing to prevent the spread. Of course the question becomes if we can trust the Chinese to tell the truth about anything as it has to do with the Wuhan virus. One thing that makes this appear a bit more credible is that some of this work has been done in conjunction with scientists in the U.K. and Australia. Both of these countries have implemented some very restrictive (read: regressive) lockdowns.

Remember when the goal was to flatten the curve of infections? I know it’s hard to think back that far but it now seems that any level of infection is too much and therefore time to shutdown the most vulnerable in business and place millions out of work, dependent on the government for their basic needs. The complete idiocy in some places of the U.S. can only be described as astounding because the orders put in to place have zero backing by any science that has been done to date. In California, Los Angeles to be specific, you can’t go outside a walk, by yourself, or ride your bicycle. I’m not kidding. Then look at New York. That’s an entire blog on it’s own. I sometimes read an article and think any minute the state police are going to be in direct armed conflict with the NYPD (Governor Mass Murderer vs Mayor Imbecile). Somehow I don’t think people will put up with idiots running their lives much longer. The really awful part in all of this is the same people that make these outrageous rules for our safety, and have people fined and/or arrested for not abiding by “the law” (executive orders) are the same people that are in the news, almost daily, violating the same.

Yet, when I dare turn on the television and attempt to watch any news, all I seem to hear is, What’s wrong with people? from some of the same that have religiously ignored all of the executive orders in a given state, or found a way around them because, well, they have more money (Saturday Night Live has an audience because they pay them ($150) to be there and call them “employees” to be able to ignore New York rules on large gatherings.). Don’t you dare open your restaurant, having tables at least six feet apart, and no more than 50% capacity! You’re going to kill someone! As I mentioned above, there is absolutely no scientific evidence shown going to a restaurant or bar spreads the virus. They’ve been doing contact tracing for months and find zero correlation. Of course as soon as I’ve published this, someone will publish data that refutes what I’m saying. It’s the same with those rioting for social justice. We know that the cirus can’t spread that way either, because epidemiologists and virologists signed a letter telling the public that you could not spread the virus being in a large group, rioting in a city. But having a backyard BBQ with more than ten people? You’re a super-spreader.

As to why some places don’t seem to be having infection rates like the west, is it because the general use of hydroxychloroquine in those areas to prevent contracting malaria? We’ve heard in the now distant past about how this incredibly cheap and safe drug, that’s been around for over sixty years, may be effective in some cases. But no, we’re not allowed, at least here in the U.S. to use something that most can easily afford. Let’s spend multi billions on a vaccine and some treatments that have no history of preventing anything, other than in a clinical trial. Anyone seen those results by the way? I’ve heard one vaccine is 95% effective, but that comes from the media. Anyone actually believe anything any of those people say, np matter the source, anymore?

Yes, like you, I’m frustrated with everything that is going on and what appears, at least to me to be a lack of transparency. It’s long time due that we demand the truth from our governments and that we not be treated as children, not able to understand everything about this virus we have not been told. One last comment: If this virus has a 99.5 percent survival rate (for even elderly and sick people) why do we lock down? We should demand absolute teansparency now and at least attempt to get our lives back on track.

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