Crisis Management Means Government Control

I don’t watch the news on TV anymore, Well, okay, I watch local news, but I’ve completed boycotted all cable and national broadcast news. Why? I’m unsure of ever receiving the comlete truth from any of them. Look at the recent 60 Minutes profile of the governor of Florida, Ron DeSantis. The very next day, liberal commenters were trashing CBS and 60 Minutes for selective editing, making the governor appear uncaring about the Chinese virus. Note the link is a CNN story. Not known to be friendly to conservatives.

So, we watch while the country goes to hell. There are people that have operated businesses for years that are now gone, because of the pandemic restrictions,. I know of one myself, locally. Around the country? The estimates of loss to the economy is in the trillions of dollars. Trillions. Will our economy ever recover to pre-pandemic levels? It will, vut that won’t happen overnight. It rook a few onths to destroy a prosperous economy, and it will take years for that same economy to recover.

Some states defied the federal government and opened their economies just a few months after the virus was raging. Others waited a while but eventually removed all restrictions in order to get their economies back on track. My state, Arizona, recently removed all restrictions but suggested thats people wear masks and socially distance when appropriate. So why is it that the Biden Administration is yelling fire un a crowded theater?

Not being a conspiracist, it seems to me that the government wants to continue a crisis that never existed . There are states that are still mostly locked down and those states will never recover, economically, from their odious restrictions. That’s a fact and those governors realize that they’ve set their states back decades. Others made the gamble and guess what? It seems tht opening up their economies have driven the virus statistics down . Read the article. Yes, many of us already knew the truth of this but now is is beginning to leak into the media. I don’t think the federal government will be able to scare us back into the crisis that they seem to want to be permanent.

One thought on “Crisis Management Means Government Control

  1. Just reading the Faucian Bargain, b Steve Deace, a slim book full of footnotes. Well researched and thought out. The premise being that Fauci is a symptom of the times, yet a most powerful one, whose success at controlling the populace/states/companies will be used by Statists/Leftists/Socialists to continue seeking control.

    But…they can only push so far before it all spills over.


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