Is it Time to Start Pointing Fingers?


Everyone wants to point fingers of blame when things go awry. It doesn’t matter what it is that went wrong, people seem to want to use hindsight to  say woulda, shoulda, coulda as they are pointing their fingers at the person(s) most responsible for whatever the occurrence was. A major hurricane? It’s got yo be due to climate change and the reason the climate is changing and spawning these horrific storms is a failure in the leadership of our country to do anything to reduce carbon emission that are causing the heat that results in these storms.

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The End is Near: A Sarah Braasch Story



Possibly by the time you read this, my friend, Sarah Braasch will be before the Connecticut Freedom of Information Commission, pleading her case for the release of body camera video, from the Tale Police Department that she believes will exonerate her from any charges of racism that she has been accused of not only locally, by the Yale administration, but also nationally, as the story made nation-wide headlines in 2018. The story is already out there and I’m not going to go through the details, which I have assiduously researched. The question for this post is should Sarah have a right to have the  video from the Yale Police Department which Yale has denied her access for more than a year?

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The Purpose of Body Camera Video



Why have police, everywhere in the past few years, adopted the use of body cameras for interactions with the public? It’s simple: if there is a dispute concerning any contact with a member of the public, that there is a video record of the exchange. It’s meant to protect the officer(s) from fraudulent  charges of policy brutality, etc. When a charge is made by the public, the record will prove one way or another what the truth of any charges are. It does happen that some officers are in the wrong, and appropriately disciplined (suspension, firing, or other charges as appropriate), and supposedly gives the general public. more confidence in their law enforcement officers.

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Guilt By Association



We live in a hypersensitive society where just using the wrong pronoun for someone may lead a person to be publicly denounced. Never mind that someone may associate with the wrong people, those ideologically impure. It may even come down to the information someone consumes. Watch Fox News? You’re a right-wing, Nazi. MSNBC? A communist, anarchy supporter. The online sites a person may occasionally peruse would also be suspect. We’ve decided, well not all of us, but a vocal number of people, that what you read, who a person may occasionally associate with, is what defines that person.

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I Don’t Care About Jussie Smollett



Everyone, everywhere, is today discussing the dropping of all charges against alleged hoaxer, Jussie Smollett. It really is something to turn on the television to any of the cable news networks, or to read on Twitter, the reactions to this astonishing (Yes, I heard that used more than once) development. No one can get their. mind around it. some, in fact are now saying (CNN) that maybe the attack did occur and that since none of us were there, we just don’t know. Continue reading