Did Paul Preach the Jesus of the Gospels?



The Apostle Paul is the most prolific writer in the Christian New Testament. He is credited with with thirteen of the twenty-seven books of the canon. Unfortunately, only 7 of those ( I Thessalonians, Galatians, I Corinthians, Philippians, Philemon,  II Corinthians,  Romans) are considered authentic, the remainder are now placed in the category of pseudepigrapha , epistles written in Pauls name, by others. All of the letters considered to be authentic, were written sometime between 50-57 C.E., the remainder in question as to the actually dates is not specifically known, but it’s thought for instance that II Thessalonians may have been penned as late as 115 CE.

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Life Without God



On occasion, I am asked how it is I live without belief. What’s meant is belief in God. My response has mostly always been that I don’t really ever think about it and proceed to ask the person, if they go around all day thinking of their God? Well of course they don’t, but for some reason, not believing in any gods or spirits or demons is a strange way to go about life. What difference it makes has always puzzled me, and that there are those that cannot imagine a life without some sort of metaphysical belief, is sometimes beyond my ability to grasp.

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God? Not So Much



How many gods are there? Well, of course an atheist would say that number is zero, but there are those that worship a variety of deities, some, like in Hinduism, much older (depending on the scholarship) of either Judaism or of course Christianity. There are still practitioners of Zoroastrianism  in the Middle East, which is over 3,000 years old.  It seems that even in ancient Israel, the land of one god, in the 8th and 7th centuries BCE, people were still worshipping other gods, as have been found in archeological excavations and described in The Bible Unearthed.

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Poor Parenting to Make a Point



Some stories in the bible, I just don’t get and never have. I often wonder how, when I was a Christian, I used to sit in church and, at least in the beginning, never question certain scripture that was being read that day. We all just seemed to take for granted that there was some larger meaning, interpreted for us of course, that we were just too dense to understand.

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Fallen Asleep?



When I was a Christian, I was always taught that as a Christian, when I died, I’d go to be the Lord. Maybe others reading this were taught the same but where is that in the bible? I used to look for it, but never found anything I could actually point out that actually said specifically that we’d all be going to Heaven upon our death. Yet, it seems to be taught as an actual fact, even today.

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