Atheism and “Mental Fortitude”

One of my favorite sites to visit, and I visit it a lot, is Instapundit. Why? It’s an aggregation site and is of course conservative/libertarian (or maybe libertarian/conservative – does it make a difference?) . A host of contributors scour the Internet to discover stories we conservative types may be interested in reading – sometimes it’s something not published or mainstream media. So, I always find some interesting stories there, some are well known, but may have a different take than what would be expected from even a mainstream conservative site.

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It’s Not Bigotry, It’s a Personal Choice



I saw something recently on Twitter that has me thinking about a previous post about transgenderism. What bothered me about this tweet was what was said: 98% of straight men will not date trans women because of hate..   Sorry, what? Whenever I see a statement like this, I often wonder the genesis of it. Of course, I’ve found no data to back this up – like a poll of straight men. There may be one, but does it indicate hate as being the reason? There may be that level of prejudice, then again, there might be another reason why straight men refuse to date a transgender woman.

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