Christmas. Let it Go.



I really like the Christmas season. I know that some may view that, because I’m an atheist, as being unusual. But, really, I enjoy the season. Yes, we decorate the house, inside and outside, as well as do things like making “Christmas cookies” – sugar cookies, cut in holiday shapes, and decorated.  Some atheists I know think that’s a waste of time or even that somehow, as an atheist, I’m actually giving credence to the myth of Jesus’ birth. I’m not.

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Have a Merry Christmas (or a Nice Day)



Well, a short post today just to wish everyone out there a Merry Christmas, If that offends anyone then it’s , uh,  Have a Nice Day.   Whatever your belief or non-belief, I hope that everyone enjoys the day. Of course I won’t be posting on Christmas Day (if I said I was going to, would you interrupt your day to read it? No, you wouldn’t and neither would I).

Be safe have a great day tomorrow and I’ ll be back the day after, if I survive Christmas Day.

Celebrating Christmas



So I guess this is my Christmas Eve, Eve post. Something I don’t understand, are some atheists that absolutely refusing to celebrate Christmas. I know that there are some that think that if they do, then they are somehow  perpetuating a religion that they have rejected. I tend to disagree. Christmas has become less a religious holiday than a cultural experience., as well as a commercial venture (which I’m sure upsets many fundamentalists).

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Is Boycotting the Right Way?

xmas tree

I’m not sure how everyone may feel about this, but I decided I would go ahead and give my opinion anyway. Comments are of course welcome. I read a post recently from Atheist Revolution titled Skip the Boy Scouts Christmas Tree. It was originally posted in 2017 and there are some good points made but I think that overall it misses a key aspect about the Boy Scouts, which I’ll get to in a moment.

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Proof of Santa?


Is there more proof of the existence of Santa Claus than there is of Jesus? Just a question and  this time of year, when I am out and about, I see a lot of representations of Santa in stores than I do of Jesus. In fact, that’s mostly all I see. Strange isn’t it that a day, originally meant to celebrate the birth of the messiah, is strangely deficient of any depictions of him anywhere.

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