Proof of Santa?


Is there more proof of the existence of Santa Claus than there is of Jesus? Just a question and  this time of year, when I am out and about, I see a lot of representations of Santa in stores than I do of Jesus. In fact, that’s mostly all I see. Strange isn’t it that a day, originally meant to celebrate the birth of the messiah, is strangely deficient of any depictions of him anywhere.

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What War on Christmas?


This time of year, when I hear Christians start discussing the War on Christmas, I always have to ask, what war? I’ve never witnessed anything that I would consider a war on the upcoming holiday and if it’s just the idea that not everyone happens to say Merry Christmas, then I have to call foul because that’s a ridiculous reason to make accusations against anyone.

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Are Atheists Hypocrites?


During the holiday season (and yes, it’s a season of several holidays) I sometimes come across friends, believers,  that do not understand why I, an atheist, actually celebrate Christmas.  It is after all a celebration of their saviors birth and since I don’t believe he even existed, why would I celebrate a day that is meaningless to me?

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A Fabricated Holiday


I was reading Jack’s piece over at Atheist Revolution about the impending cry from Christians that there’s a War on Christmas, and as usual when I read these posts, or see stories proving that there is an actual war declared, I have to have a chuckle. It’s become a yearly outrage for some, and even some in the media, to declare that the evil atheists are out to destroy their holiday and the holiday spirit, implied in the same.

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