Agnosticism in Everyday Life



So I was recently in a conversation with a person on Twitter where we were discussing dehumanizing language and actions towards those opinions we may disdain and I found this person’s solution to the problem curious. The idea seems to be to enter the dialogue with no specific opinion about anything. In fact, it was better to enter the conversation with the attitude of maybe, as in that, on whatever the topic is, maybe the other person is right. That’s okay, but it lead me to think about someone that had no strong opinion about anything. Are they worth having a any sort of discourse with at any time?

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Debating Ideas Without Labels



What happens to a civil society, discourse itself, when thoughts and ideas expressed are so easily categorized? More importantly, the people behind the same? I just read a good piece from Paul Joseph Watson, over at Human Events, that may be a good indicator of where society as a whole is headed, if we’re not already there. It’s an emotional piece, for sure, but then if I were labeled as dangerous or an extremist, I too might become a little (little?) emotional myself. But that’s where we seem to be, labeling thoughts, ideas, we dislike, possibly even those that would seem reprehensible to most people, and instead of  standing and refuting those ideas, silence those that express them.

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