Diagnosing Gender Dysphoria


So, earlier while perusing my Twitter feed, I came across an interesting YouTube video of a young woman who had previously began transitioning to a man, but was now in the process of de-transitioning. The video rambles a bit but is worth a watch. Why? This young woman, I think, should never had been allowed to begin hewr transition at all.  You xan watch the vide, here.

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Gender Identity: Don’t Look Behind The Curtain



One of the topics that seems to permeate not only the Internet but news cycles as well, is that of identity. It’s now common, or at least the public is lead to believe, that a persons declaration of identity is paramount to how they may be viewed by the general public. Women may decide they are men and vice-versa, without any attempt show that they are transgendered or even any evidence that they suffer from gender dysphoria.
There are those that claim to be non-binary. which means, I think they are neither male or female in a genetic sense. It’s become so pervasive that on some employment applications, a potential candidate is given the opportunity to state  how they prefer to be identified, no matter what their appearance.

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Am I Transphobic?



I don’t believe I’ve ever gotten out of bed in the morning and said to myself, It’s a great day to be a heterosexual male. Seriously, who does that whether you are a man or a woman? Do we all automatically self identify when we get out of bed and go through our day? No, we are who we are. I’ve never met a single person that ever made any sort of self identification. Do gay and lesbians do that? None that I know because they, like me, are perfectly content as to who they are. Everyone lives their lives to the best they are able to at any time. N one should be prejudiced  against someone for their gender, sexual orientation, or their gender identity.

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