Am I Transphobic?



I don’t believe I’ve ever gotten out of bed in the morning and said to myself, It’s a great day to be a heterosexual male. Seriously, who does that whether you are a man or a woman? Do we all automatically self identify when we get out of bed and go through our day? No, we are who we are. I’ve never met a single person that ever made any sort of self identification. Do gay and lesbians do that? None that I know because they, like me, are perfectly content as to who they are. Everyone lives their lives to the best they are able to at any time. N one should be prejudiced  against someone for their gender, sexual orientation, or their gender identity.

I’n not prejudiced  against anyone of any race or ethnicity. I learned a long time ago that the gay and lesbian community were no different than I am; Even during a time when most people would have rejected the idea completely. These same were constantly accused of being perverts and even pedophiles where the data shows that no, there’s no correlation of being homosexual to  child molestation. Still, even today, there are those that believe that this is the case. It’s been a struggle for the gay/lesbian community to overcome that stigma. That shame belongs to us, those that are not gay or lesbian. Learning about a group is important.

We can all agree that racism, anti-semitism is evil, yet there are those that still believe that people that don’t look like us (white) are lesser humans than we are and that the evil Jews need to be controlled – or exterminated like termites. That to me is a terrible thing to think about in the 21st century: There are still people that refuse to accept others based on their race, ethnicity, or religion, as equals. We have a lot of work to do and I witness it everyday. It used to be common to judge people by those, including sexual orientation. Today? Not so much, but we still have those that do judge peoople based on immutable characteristics.

I’m transphobic.  Well, not so much anymore because I’ve been attempting to learn about the trans community. To be perfectly upfront, all I’ve ever seen to date whether on television or on the Internet are stories that would make anyone fear this small population. Think about it. Whenever you’ve read a story about someone that’s transgendered, has it been positive or negative? I would say, in my own experience that overall those that I’ve read online, and the tiny few stories I’ve watched on television have been overall negative. Why is that?

I believe it’s because we have an innate prejudice. We can accept that an man or a woman may be attracted to the same sex, but to realize that there are people out there, within our own communities, that are biological males or females that present otherwise, is just too weird for us. It’;s a condition, described by the American Psychiatric Association as gender dysphoria. These are people, from a certain age, that are uncomfortable in their own bodies – whether that biologic body is male or female. Some actually, at a certain point, actually transition, becoming either male or female physically even though genetically they are born otherwise.

I’ve been wanting to write this for months, but have not simply because I know nothing about the transgender community other that what I’ve already said. I couldn’t believe that all of these people that are transgendered are the same, just as none of of, race, ethnic, or whatever are the same. I decided to investigate . Where do I start? Back in 2017, I ran across in my Twitter feed someone, Blaire White. She had tweeted a video about going about Los Angeles  as a Trump supporter and the problems she had just walking down the street a few months after the election. What I didn’t know at the time was that Blaire is a transgendered woman. I would never have known via the video. Seriously. Go to her Twitter feed or her Youtube channel. When I discovered she was trans, I admit I experienced the “eeww” effect. But then, at that time, and until recently, I knew nothing of those “people”. Yes, that’s how I referred to them.

Eventually, I came to the realization that I either needed to reinforce my prejudice or have it expunged.  I started watching Blaire’s videos, and even followed her on Twitter. See what I just did there? I discovered that Blaire was just like me. Even more interesting was her attempt, and I think she’s succeeding in blowing away the tropes that have become prevalent in society today that have people, like me, want to avoid the transgendered. In other words, I’ve been wrong to fear as I would be of any other person. Blaire does a lot to expose the phonies, the pretenders, those that she calls “fabulists” in order to show the rest of the world that no, these are no pedophiles, or rapists, or whatever, disguised.

As I was looking about, I came across another: Rose of Dawn. Wow. If you’re not subscribed to her channel and do not follow her on Twitter – this is a must. Rose does a daily podcast, and one of her favorite topics is called “Trans-Stupid” where she describes, at length, those people that claim to be transgendered that do nothing to advance with the general public that trans men or women are normal, but instead shows what prevents us, the general public from coming to that understanding. It’s an incredible Youtube site if you’re, like me, looking for more information.

So now, I can’t, at least for these now, refer to them as “trans”. I no longer believe that. I have to come to the understanding that someone may be born genetically one way, and be the other. I think there are fakers there as there are in everything. Don’t believe me? Watch either (or both!) of these channels. They expose the bad. Rose is particularly harsh and I think you’ll love the English expressions (yes she’s in England).

Anyone noticed anything here? I just referred to two genetic males as “she”. I think I believe it. Maybe now, I’m not transphobic – at least not too much – because I’ve found some that want to, need to, put to rest what most of us have been led to believe is transgenderism. Maybe it’s okay for me, and you, to view those that are transgendered as who they are – whether male or female. I wont refer to Blaire or Rose as transgendered anymore. They are women, no matter what their genetics declare. It’s still something I don’t completely understand, but I know that the more I invest into learning  about those, the better, the understanding, the less prejudice prevails.

None of this means that everyone that claims to be transgendered should be accepted. Again, go to both of the Youtube sites I linked and learn. Some fakers. Some that will declare their toddler as transgendered. Wait until you see what these two have to say about that!

I think we need more sensible people coming out, those that are transgendered, to speak out, come out, and dispel the myths the media have us believe. Neither blaire nor Rose rise in the morning and say to themselves, It’s great to be a trans-woman.  Just like the rest of the world, that doesn’t get out of bed and immediately consider their sexuality or anything else. It’s probably, just like what I do, with my daughter. who asks every morning ”What’s for breakfast?”


10 thoughts on “Am I Transphobic?

  1. Every person is free to be who they want to be. Transgenders are free to be who they want to be, but rational people shouldn’t have to partake in the fantasy or pretend that a man can become a woman, or a woman can become a man. They can’t. Chromosomes determine a person’s gender. Not surgery, not feelings, and not dysphoria. There is no such thing as transgender. Anyone who insists that they are the opposite sex when they’re not is mentally ill and should seek treatment. And no matter how much they dress up and pretend, or how much hormone injections they have, or the amount of surgery they undergo, or how PC they want to make this, or how much the law in manipulated to accommodate this delusion, its still not true, and I’m still not buying it. Not now not ever.

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    • Gender Dysphoria is a real disfunction. Both Blaire and Rose would admit to this. I think it wasn’t until 1975 that the DSM from the APA admitted that homosexuality was not a mental disease.


      • I didn’t mention or insinuate anything about homosexuality. Gender dysphoria is a real mental illness.
        The same way I would have a mental illness if I convinced myself I was a dog, or some kind of mythical creature.
        These are people who are unhappy with their biological sex and believe they are the opposite sex. That somehow, the doctor when they were born, didn’t recognize the proper gender and “assigned” them the wrong one.
        Decades ago this was treated, successfully I might add, as a mental illness. The treatment used to entail regular visits to a psychiatrist and medication. It was believed that people who suffered from this illness had a chemical imbalance.Then came the gay rights movement and feminism. They cited that it was NOT a mental illness that gender is a social construct.They convinced enough people, to re-examine the idea of the treatments, saying they are more harmful than helpful because it ignores the person’s feelings. Keep in mind, feelings over facts and science is precedence with these people.
        Then doctors created the mutilation surgeries that are still to this day, really bad.They allow people to voluntarily mutilate their bodies via cosmetic surgery in an effort to look like the opposite sex, while not being able to be biologically the opposite sex. You cannot change your DNA. You cannot change your muscle structure. You cannot change your skeletal structure.You cannot change any of these things the way you would change your clothes. So your body, regardless of the surgery, will still show up as your sex that you were born as.This makes all those transgender surgeries under the category of cosmetic.
        The worse part of it is that they are chopping off working body parts, and sewing on body parts that do not work as intended. For example, a male undergoing a male to female surgery, will not have a working uterus, and no eggs. So after the surgery she cannot bear children. A female to male is worse. In many cases the female decides to KEEP her uterus and have a penis sewn on. Only the penis cannot produce sperm and needs a rod or a pump installed to inflate it to be able to have sex. So technically it doesn’t work as functioning male either. In many of the cases of the women who go through those surgeries and keep their uterus, they decide at some point to have a baby. Transgender means that you are transitioning from one gender to another. It doesn’t mean you can stay in that middle state and call yourself a man if you have a uterus. Then the argument comes in that “Oh but the surgeries are expensive”.Yes, well cosmetic surgeries usually are, because they do not add any value to health. And are why they call them cosmetic. And these people still are not happy after they go through with the surgeries. In fact many regret doing it. So much that they commit suicide in the same high numbers as they do before the surgeries.
        Bottom line, when you fight your own biology, you WILL lose. You can’t change your gender. It is scientifically IMPOSSIBLE. Feminist theory professors have an agenda: Indoctrination into the cult of feminism. They need to convince young minds that their theories are facts and due to the borg collective mentally of feminism, many just believe this without question.
        Sorry, I’m not falling for the idea that gender is on anyone’s say so. Challenge it. Question it. Dissect it.

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      • I wasn’t putting words in your mouth, if that’s what you believe. All I was doing is pointing out that homosexuality was considered a mental illness at one time and today, it’s not. Gender Dysphoria is considered a mental illness today. In 20-30 years? I don’t know. I believe as you do that biology is who you are and nothing, no amount of surgery or anything else, can change that fact. I recall a video from a year or so ago by Blaire white where she does in fact say that GD “is” a mental illness. If I find it, I’ll link it in the future.

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    • Anon, I agree with your assessment of biological fact. I am empathetic with those who feel they must not be born in the proper body, but I am most concerned about the underlying psychological need of these people. If that is addressed and they still need to change their persona, then they should, and I hope they find happiness. But this stuff is for adults, not toddlers and not pre-teens and maybe not even teenagers. I want this kept out of our public and private schools. Considering alteration of children or influencing them or their parents to consider such drastic action should be condemned and possibly illegal, in my opinion.

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      • Shore,
        I wholeheartedly agree about the children. By the time they’re old enough to think for themselves, it’s too late. They’ve been well and truly hypnotized. No different than religious indoctrination. I believe its a predatory assault on an unformed mind. A mental circumcision that that one day should be against the law. Then the term ” human rights” might actually start to mean something.

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  2. Blaire White is cool, and very funny. The trans radicals hate her for being honest and calling out their B.S.

    It’s important to remember that gender dysphoria and autogynephilia are two distinct phenomena. Unfortunately, most of the most vocal trans activists are autogynephiles — and pathological narcissists to boot. Much of what they demand feeds their needs & paraphilia, but does little for true trans who just want to live their lives with as little drama as possible.

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    • Matt, I am just posting this definition for others, who might not know the words meaning, just as I did not.

      “Autogynephilia is defined as a male’s propensity to be sexually aroused by the thought of himself as a female. It is the paraphilia that is theorized to underlie transvestism and some forms of male-to-female (MtF) transsexualism.”

      I agree with you. Adults have my permission to dress and behave in any manner, as long as no laws are broken. I do not have to agree with what they choose, nor do I have to applaud what they choose, nor do I have to view or listen to what they choose. They do not have permission to suggest that children model their dress and/or behavior, nor insist that they have access to children, so that they can show them anything concerning such dress or behavior.

      Live the life you choose, but allow me to decide whether or not I want you to be my friend or a role model for any children in my care. If I stare or become concerned at your bizarre behavior, then it is because your behavior is bizarre, not because you are a man living as a woman or a woman living as a man.

      I have certainly come upon those about whose gender I was not sure, but so far the only bizarre creatures have been ones I have seen online. By treating the person as a person and not a gender, I have so far avoided any embarrassing moments for either the person or me. It is how I want to be treated; as a person and not a woman or a man or one of the frail elderly folk that needs help and might croak at any moment or that has hearing loss or early dementia…but as a person that is merely me.

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  3. Good essay. Thanks for the tip on Rose. I did not know about her, but I was aware of Blaire tho haven’t listened much.


  4. And, no Jim, you did not put words in his mouth. I think Anon was just overreacting to what he thought was condemnation of his post. It happens.


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