Online Atheism – Today More Than Ever

I was looking at Twitter and a tweet from someone I’ve followed for a long time caught my attention. I don’t know if many recall or not but there used to be a podcast, apostasynow that used to be a regular visit for me but like so many podcasts and blogs, seemed to disappear. Well they’re back and it’s good to see them. A decade ago, podcasts and yes, blogs for atheists weremany really good bloggers and their respective venues. Heck, I did for about a year and a half beginning in 2015.

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Stay Tuned


So, I haven’t written much in a whle, but I do have an announcement. A podcast. This Wednesday, Gretchen Mullen (@skepticreview89), Sarah Braasch (@sarahjbraasch1) and me will start producing podcasts. They won’t be so long as to bore you (maximum agreed is 1 hour) but I think you’ll like what you hear from a Writer/Editor/Educator, a Aeronautical Engineer/Lawyer, and uhh, Me.

Stay tuned. These won’t be live, at least initially, and we’re in discussions as to how often we get together. Currently, we’re looking at twice per month but of course that would depend on our audience (you). Look for uploads here, on Sarah’s Youtube channel, and on my SoundCloud channel.  I’ll be playing engineer for the show so please forgive any mistakes. As we go along, the show will become more professionally formatted. We don’t have a name for the podcast yet, but I think by Wednesday, we will.

Having a Conversation With Your Opponents



We’ve lost the ability to have a meaningful dialogue amongst ourselves, notably those of us that have different views politically as well as socially. We are so divided that we refuse to entertain any idea that might fall outside our belief system. It hasn’t always been that way. There was actually a time, not that distant, where well intentioned people could have a conversation on any topic, even when they disagreed and that discussion wouldn’t devolve into name calling and screaming at one another. Just because someone disagrees doesn’t necessarily mean they’re wrong. Different people can look at the same information and come to different conclusions about that information. We’ve become tribal, and those that are not in our tribe are our enemies.

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