I’m Going to Try and Watch the Debate Tonight


I’m considering watching the Democratic debate this evening. Mainly because of the sudden rise of Mike Bloomberg and how he’s going to perform because I expect, based on everything I’ve see or read so far this week, that he’ll be a huge target (no pun intended) for the others on the stage. Plus, I want to know more about what he stands for – what hius platform us – other than what I’ve watched in his very slick ads that have even been running where I live. Mostly what I’ve seen is his anti-gun ads as well as some about employment in NYC while he was mayor. I did see a story where he’s proposing raising the corporate tax to 28%, but that’s about all I know.

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It’s Not About the First Amendment


I’ve been thinking a little bit today about the outcome (it really wasn’t a ruling) telling the White House that they must, at least temporarily, restore the hard pass of a CNN reporter. The judge in the case, a Trump appointee by the way, simply stated that the White House could not arbitrarily take the pass away – that it was a violation, not of the 1st Amendment, but the 5th, specifically due process.

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