I’m Going to Try and Watch the Debate Tonight


I’m considering watching the Democratic debate this evening. Mainly because of the sudden rise of Mike Bloomberg and how he’s going to perform because I expect, based on everything I’ve see or read so far this week, that he’ll be a huge target (no pun intended) for the others on the stage. Plus, I want to know more about what he stands for – what hius platform us – other than what I’ve watched in his very slick ads that have even been running where I live. Mostly what I’ve seen is his anti-gun ads as well as some about employment in NYC while he was mayor. I did see a story where he’s proposing raising the corporate tax to 28%, but that’s about all I know.

I really don’t care about primary debates. They seem to be, from what I know about them is a way for some candidates to pose. Also these aren’t really “debates”. How much can someone talk about healthcare in a one minute? In other words, I really don’t expect to learn anything new and tomorrow, I will be able to look at the best video clips online. But I think it may be worth a little time this evening, I’m not sure I could stand mpore than an hour of it.  To answer any unasked questions, no I didn’t watch any of the Republican primary debates in 2016 for the same reasons.

It will be important who Democrats choose as their nominee and from my conservative (not Republican) perspective, it’s Bernie Sanders to lose. I don;’t think anyone else has the base that he currently owns and none of those are going to suddenly move over to an Elizabeth Warren even though she’s been trying to “out Bernie, Bernie”. She, in my opinion, is the least authentic person that will be on the stage this evening. It should be interesting, or I hope it will be, for at least an hour.

The last thing I want to talk about here, and especially see,  is the media becoming part of the story. It seems like every cycle, those “reporters” asking candidates questions tend to become part of the story. I miss the days of PBS’ Jim Lehrer. I think though we’ll discover tomorrow that these people just will not be able yo stand it unless they get some time to pontificate.

So, I guess I will try and watch at least some of this debate tonight. I know that this election is really important for Democrats and although I don’t believe I could vote for any of the current primary candidates in the general election, this may become “Must See TV” tonight.

2 thoughts on “I’m Going to Try and Watch the Debate Tonight

  1. I’m really a Libertarian, but feel compelled to vote for a Dem just to get rid of Trump. He has zero integrity and is so divisive that it’s harming us as a nation. I still think there’s a chance that this is all a hoax and he’s going to write a book about how he took over US politics. You can’t convince me he’s a republican, let alone a champion of the far right. Anyhow, even if it’s Bernie, I’ll justify it by being confident that he alone can’t run us into the opposite ditch of socialism. I’m really liking Mayor Pete. He’s the most (seemingly) genuine human being I’ve seen in the race maybe ever.


    • I’m an independent and have always voted person over party. Example: I voted for Bill Clinton in 1996. I didn’t vote for Obama either time, but neither did I vote for McCain in 2008 or Romney in 2012. I actually voted the Libertarian ticket both times. I actually would have voted for Hillary in 2008 if she’d won the nomination. 2016 was different because of all the stuff that came out about her starting in 2015. It’s important, I think to vet all those running, no matter the party. So, none of the current Democrats running would get my vote. A story just came out about Mayor Pete (don;t know if it’s true, but it’s circulating) that his claim of Black leaders supporting him is a lie.We’ll see. there has to be a better Democrat out there, somewhere – anywhere! – that would be better thsan those there now.


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