Should Police Be Preventing Religious Gatherings?



It may sound strange for many readers here, but I’m about to side with Christians. There’s been a case recently, where a mayor has prevented Christians from holding drive up services. These are services where the congregants remain in their cars while tuning into an FM station to hear the service, or maybe lower their windows a bit. In each case the attendees remain in their own vehicles, at least attempting to perform social distancing. My opinion is that although these gatherings, these drive-in services may still prevent a threat to not only those in attendance but ultimately to the community, I can’t see that a mayor, any mayor, has the authority to prohibit these gatherings. It must come from the Governor of the state.

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Cancelling In Person Religious Services


What comes to mind when you think of the COVID-19 pandemic? Certainly the infection rate, and of course, the number of deaths in our country, if not around the world. The thought, at least for me, that comes to mind is how contagious this virus is. Some reports say it’s three times as contagious as influenza, and we’re aware of how many people, in the US alone, the flu kills every season. So most states have some sort of lockdown in place, where people are ordered to stay home, except to receive essential services, or those that provide those same services. Indications seem to be that this is working, at least a little for now and anything we as individuals can do  to mitigate the spread of this virus, however disagreeable in the short term.

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