Atheism Cannot Get Past Petty Squabbles

I try to not pay too much attention to what seems to be the never ending Atheist Wars where it has become increasingly impossible for two (or more) adults sit down and discuss calmly and rationally, their differences without whatever the issues are, becoming fodder for the general public. In the past, I’ve referred to this as the Atheist Schism, but it seems lately that it’s come down to a real war of words; It doesn’t matter what one sire or the other says or does, they’re inherently wrong. When reading a blog or listening to a podcast, I can feel/hear the underlying seething rage that some people have for others. So, there’s my opening shot, or rant. It seems ridiculous for these arguments to be rattling around where, in the end, there is no winner, but it’s almost impossible to get any of those invlived in a dispute to recognize that.

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