I Believe Amy Barrett Will Be An Asset to SCOTUS

So now the left is attempting to place the bigot card on the right as the vote for the new Supreme Court Justice, Amy Barrett, is about to take place. Here’s the article, (H/T to my friend vjack). Of course now they are saying that there’s anti-catholic bigotry in Trumps base when it’s clear, historically, it’s Democrats that have been religious bigots. Who is it that spews more anti-semitism or religious hatred in general? It’s not the right, but the left.

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SCOTUS Rules Monument is Constitutional



The US Supreme Court has ruled that the cross in Bladensburg, Maryland does not violate the Constitution.  This memorial to World War I fallen, has stood for 94 years and the court ruled that it was historical, and represented a memorial to the fallen of that conflict. When I wrote about this earlier this year, I was unsure how the court would rule, but if it ruled in the affirmative, the ruling would be narrow, a 5-4 vote on conservative and liberal justices lines. In fact, the ruling was 7-2 with only Justices Ginsburg and Sotomayor in dissent.

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Atheist Organizations are an Embarrasment


I don’t know how many reading this have paid any attention to the confirmation hearings in D.C. for Bret Kavanaugh to be the next Associate Justice to the Supreme Court, but what a circus it has been. People here, some of the same that are ring- mastering, are the same ones that daily call Trump an embarrassment to our country (and yes, he can be) are showing the world  nothing different in this hearing.

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