Atheist Organizations are an Embarrasment


I don’t know how many reading this have paid any attention to the confirmation hearings in D.C. for Bret Kavanaugh to be the next Associate Justice to the Supreme Court, but what a circus it has been. People here, some of the same that are ring- mastering, are the same ones that daily call Trump an embarrassment to our country (and yes, he can be) are showing the world  nothing different in this hearing.

I haven’t been watching the hearing, but I’ve seen clips online and of course on a few news programs.  It’s embarrassing to watch even these short video clips and of course it has nothing to do with the qualifications of the nominee (the ABA, not a right-leaning organization at all) has given Kavanaugh their highest rating.

No this is simply about the Resistance. That being the resistance against any appointment or policy by Trump. These are the same people that just cannot accept the results of a fair and democratic election. So they’ll do anything, even  make themselves into jackasses, to oppose.

Even atheist and atheist-related groups have become involved, writing multiple articles on how the confirmation of Judge Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court will mean a rollback in rights for women, LGBT, minorities (Jim Crow, here we come!),  break down the wall of separation, and pretty much any other evil that they can make up (it’s for fundraising, you understand).

They all say that the nominee has an agenda to turn back the clock on civil rights. Does he? It seems to me that these groups are more concerned that this nominee may not agree with their agenda. Yes, of course they all have an agenda of their own. If the nominee, whoever it was, was nominated by a democrat in the White House, I can guarantee there would be no objection from the left as to his or her supposed judicial temperament because they would consider that person an ally. Disappointing at the least and a reason I won’t join or donate to any of these organizations. (Full disclosure: I have been a member, in the past,  of AA and FFRF, but only for a year).

So instead of using reason, as they all seem to promote on a daily basis, it’s scare tactics to attempt to turn their membership and others against someone that they have absolutely no proof will vote in any manner that’s suggested. It’s also apparent, they are are clueless as to how the Supreme Court works.

No single Justice on his or her own can change the law. In fact, no single Justice decides what cases to hear; It takes 4 of them to vote affirmatively to hear any case, and of course it should go without saying, they’re not obligated to hear any case.

It can take years sometimes for a case to even be presented to the court; Having gone through District and the Appellate court(s) before it ever comes before them for a decision on whether or not it will be adjudicated.  But of course, I think these organizations do know how the court operates and believe that their readership doesn’t and therefore have their over-the-top headlines and articles that do nothing to move anything forward except their own agenda (and of course, as I already mentioned, their fundraising).

I’m sick of all of the We’re All Going to Die types of arguments that seems to be the mainstay of the left these days. It’s especially concerning when organizations that purport to have reason and rationality be our first consideration, do exactly the same.

8 thoughts on “Atheist Organizations are an Embarrasment

  1. You raise at least two very important topics here. First, the hearings are little more than an opportunity for various Democrats considering a run for the presidency to score some points with their base. There is little doubt that the confirmation is going to happen, so I guess they are doing what they can to use this to their benefit. Second, the outrage-as-fundraising-tactic is certainly getting old. I realize that pretty much every group does this now, but I too find it a turn-off and chose not to reward it.


    • I know someone that a long time back was in fundraising. They used the same tactics: “The Polar Bears are drowning!, send us some money!” to raise revenue even though they knew the assertion was dubious at best, a lie at worst.


      • It seems to be such a common tactic that I am having trouble coming up with an example I have seen from a secular group that didn’t fall into this category.


      • What I object to is that these organizations have moved from being secular advocacy groups to being purely (in my opinion) political.


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