Being a Joiner

By nature, I’m not much of a jointer. The reason is because I’m generally disappointed in organizations that want to represent my rights to Congress or a court. It’s not because they don’t try, it’s that they tend to go beyond what they claim is their mission. It doesn’t matter whether it’s some secular or atheist organization, or just some group that claims they’re going to do right by me for only $40 per year. I usually discover that the initial investment is only the beginning of a never ending email and regular mail barrage of needing more money for one thing or another. It’s usually political and honestly, that’s where I end the relationship.

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Seeking the Secular Vote


Why is it that among voters, we never hear about the secular vote? By that I’m specifically referring to Atheists, maybe Agnostics as well, but mostly the Atheist vote. As most of us know, there’s more than 10 million people in the U.S. that identify as Atheist. Out of those, probably half – or more – are voting age. Think about adding those raw vote totals to the total in any election. In some states, there are more atheists than in others, but the fact is that atheists exist in society, everywhere, and many are politically active should mean that candidates for office should seek out that vote.

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Is America a “Christian Nation”?




I saw something interesting on social media. American Atheists is in the middle of their annual conference and there was a tweet that mentioned a chant by attendees claiming that “America is NOT a Christian Nation!”. Is that true? I think it’s easy to pretend we’re not, and maybe people attending that conference think that the rise of the religiously unaffiliated indicate that America isn’t a Christian nation. that poll however, has less to do with belief in general than it does as to the state of the Christian religion in America.

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