No One Forces Anyone To Be On Social Media



Ever notice, if you’re on Twitter, how much people complain about Twitter? I do, but in the context of it being biased. I’m lucky (so far) that I’ve never been suspended, or sent to the corner or whatever the penalties for saying something that may be offensive to someone are, but I try not to spend too much of my time there. Others seem to be tied to the platform from the time they wake up until they go to sleep. It reminds me of another social media platform, Facebook. I used to work with some people that would come into work daily, and the first thing they would do every morning is log into Facebook. Yes, even before they checked their work email.

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Twitter Just Shadow-Banned My Friend. Yes, I’m Angry.



After this recent post, I was perusing my Twitter account and came across something I found to be imponderable. Someone I’ve been following for quite a while now has been suddenly shadow-banned by the platform. For those that may be unaware of what shadow-banning constitutes, it is simply that those that do not follow you will ever see your tweets, and you may not be found by another user when using the search function. That’s essentially silencing a person.  This is a person I actually consider a friend, and not just on Twitter, we’ve actually spoken together. It’s disturbing to me and I wonder if this is not a step in the new rules Twitter is implementing as I wrote about in that post.

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Twitter Bans ‘Dehumanizing’ Language



Well, in it’s infinite wisdom, Twitter has decided to ban posts from its site that is dehumanizing or insulting to religious groups. I wonder what this actually means? In their blog post concerning the change, Twitter gave a few banal examples of what they may consider dehumanizing speech toward a religion. But to me, most of those, although they may be insulting to some, were nothing more than criticisms. According to this New York Times article, upon implementation, they had already removed a tweet by Minister Louis Farrakhan comparing Jews to termites. Okay, I can see how that is considered dehumanizing but I wonder how far the company will go to protect their users?

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Why Are You on Twitter?



Something about Twitter I’ve never really understood is that in some people’s profiles, there is a prohibition on sending direct messages, specifically those that have to do with looking for a date. No, I’m not kidding. I see these mostly in women’s biographies but on occasion, I will notice a man has something similar in his as well.  Two things always come to mind: does this person (man or woman) think they are so desirable that another person will not have the fortitude to withstand asking them out, or is it that Twitter has become a pseudo-dating site where people are forced to place a disclaimer in their profile to discourage a barrage of offers?

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Social Media is a Treacherous Path


Treacherous path

I’ve been wondering, since I wrote [this post] as to whether who I follow on any social media platform says anything in particular about me. I don’t think it means anything though other than in the meta. For instance, following someone that I perceive as smart doesn’t necessarily mean I am smart, it just means, that I find what that person has to say is interesting. But I do think our digital relationships, when it comes to political or social issues does say something about us as individuals probably more than we’d like to believe.

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