Some Thoughts on Veterans Day



I’ve dithered today, trying to think if I wanted to write this, this Veteran’s Day post. Ive gone back and forth all day; Does it really matter to anyone anymore? To some, certainly, but to the majority of Americans? I sometimes have my doubts. It is a National Holiday, but not everyone receives the day off as they do on Memorial Day, Labor Day, as well as other more popular holidays. That’s too bad because we should be celebrating all of those current and former military men and women who’ve sacrificed so much for their country. The sacrifices include  multiple deployments, away from loved ones, sometimes in combat situations. It’s easy to forget what we’ve placed our heroes through in the last two decades and it seems to only become an issue when we discover, through the media, that are veterans are not being taken care of by that very same government they volunteered to serve.

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What I am Passionate About

It’s 0430 on a Tuesday morning. It’s nice a cool outside, being late fall. Dark and quiet with the exception of an occasional vehicle on the nearby highway. The sky is clear and the stars in the sky are a pleasant greeting. It’s a nice time to sip coffee on the front porch, breath in the fresh mountain air, and think about nothing in particular. Then there’s a thump…thump sound. I immediately dive inside, roll, and yell “Get Down!”.

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