Twitter Bans a User for Claiming Harassment



Like many, I struggle to understand Twitters rules of the road. I see, too often people suspended for what appears to me to be non-consequential tweets – by that I mean non-threatening – just ranting about some topic or person. But it seems to be selective because I also see tweets from some that I would consider something that Twitter should do something about, and don’t. Those of us that discuss this on the platform are confused as to have the rules are applied and that they are applied selectively instead of in a blanket manner. I don’t think anyone would have a problem with Twitter fairly applying their own rules to everyone. This is not about left versus right, but right versus wrong.

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Does IQ Inform Us About Intelligence?



Recently, I was in a dialogue with a few people on Twitter where the subject was IQ. This seems to be something where there is a lot of conversation without any outcome, in general. I had a question, so I brought myself into the middle of an already ongoing discussion. I’m a person with no background in any of the areas that were be brought forward: Psychology or Genetics and I made that clear. I am unsure as to how IQ has anything to do with how anyone will succeed or not in life. It’s a number. It’s a snapshot but does it really indicate, overall, an individual’s intelligence? How may we know? Are there studies showing that children with higher IQ’s are better prepared for success in life?

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The UK Has Decided on Self Determination. Congratulations.



So the UK voted their conscience and gave the conservative Tory party what is being called a landslide victory in Parliament. The  Liberals  lost to such a great extent   that even Jeremy Corbyn resigned his leadership position. As usual, it came as a complete surpise to the British media, who had predicted a close race. But then, we in the US have experienced that as well, haven’t we? In 2016, just days before the Presidential election, Hillary Clinton was up over Donald Trump by an average of four points. Those media elites were ecstatic that there would be four or eight more years of “Obama”.

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Is Twitter Pornography?



I’ve been seeing some posts from bloggers as well as some so-called “journalists” on the subject of pornography. The question has been, “ Should it be regulated on the Internet?” there are voice on both sides of the question but beyond defining pornography  as sex, no has seemed to look at what pornograhy may be viewed as beyond that simplistic definition.

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Person Of The Year



So this kid from Sweden became Time Magazine Person of the Year. Wonderful. I had hoped that the protestors in Hong Kong, or even those in France, may have been more seriously considered. The citizens of Hong Kong are going up against a very determined government to silence their protestations for freedom and autonomy, to the government’s consternation that it is spilling out onto the mainland itself. In France, regular working class people, on the weekend (because they work during the week) have been protesting the Macron government for over a year to the point where police are seriosuly injuring some, and even a few have died in confrontations with the police.

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