Good Riddance, Scott Pruitt


So, Scott Pruitt is out at the EPA. Resigned earlier today. My response? Yay! but probably not for the reasons many others are happy. Here’s a guy that was a member of Congress for 8 years as well as the Attorney General of Oklahoma since 2010. He was much despised by the environmental lobby. As EPA Administrator, his charge was to put the EPA back on course, as they were originally chartered by Congress.

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A Walmart Boycott?


A bit earlier I was perusing my Twitter timeline when I ran across several tweets concerning Walmart. These tweets were promoting a hashtag, #BoycottWalmart. I admit I don’t sit all day looking at Twitter so I did a quick search of the tag to try and understand what was going on where some people were calling for this boycott.

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There’s No Atheist Schism

When I write here, especially on any subject that has anything to do with atheism, I’m not speaking from a

ny authority. Those that read this blog are welcome to agree or disagree with whatever I write. In fact, for those that are regulars, I don’t moderate comments. I know that’s unusual but as long as someone is not offensive to me or another commenter, I don’t block anyone’s speech.

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Get Notified!


A quick post here to let every know I’ve finally installed a Follow button on the site so that you can receive an email when I have a new post up here. It’s on the main page, on the bottom right. Just click the button and add your email address and you’ll be automatically notified.

Yeah, I know. I could’ve done this a while ago, but I always forget about adding features and it was a commenter today that asked about it. So yes, I took the 10 seconds to add it to the main page.

Coming soon, I will probably be changing my address here as I want to add features that WordPress requires I have my own domain to implement. Stay tuned!

Justice Kennedy Retires, Liberals Freak Out

Most, if not all of us read or heard today the Justice Anthony Kennedy is retiring from the Supreme Court, effective the end of July. He’s 81 years old and has been on the court since 1988. He’s regularly called the swing vote on a court that has 4 conservatives and 4 liberals. He became the unknown in several high profile case, like some this week, where he voted with the conservatives.

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