It’s Okay to Criticize Christians


angry beautiful girl pointing a finger at you on a white background

If you’re a Christian, are you really? I recently read some posts on Twitter that told me that I shouldn’t refer to anyone that claims to be Christian as, well, not so much. I don’t want to go to far here. People believe what they want and Christianity is so diverse, there sre some denominations that may believe that theirs is the only true belief. So, yes, probably all of these people are in fact, Christian. But I don’t see it quite that way.

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Evangelical Atheism?

Atheist advertising campaign launched

A friend on Twitter recently posted a question that I didn’t think I wanted to answer on that platform. I thought it deserved a little more than a tweet or even a thread, so I decided to address it here.  Not that this will be an especially long post, but I think that the query deserves a little more time.

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Pretending to be Christian to Get Along



A friend recently told me, out of nowhere, that she didn’t think she could be an atheist any longer. I waited for the  inevitable “because”. It seems she is no longer able to stand up to being socially ostracized. She also believes she didn’t receive a promotion at work, that everyone thought she was in line for, because she was an atheist. Yes, she wasn’t a hidden atheist, as some are; but she  also didn’t proselytize atheism to anyone she met. Yes, people around her knew she was an atheist, but that’s the extent of it as far as I  ever knew.

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