Are Democrat Voters Sexist?


As everyone is aware now, Elizabeth Warren has left the race for the democratic nomination for president. It seems to me that she probably should have left earlier, after Nevada due to her poor performance but most especially after South Carolina. Look: She never finished higher than third place in any of the first four states and in fact finished below in all but one.  That alone should have given her a clue. But some people are just too ego-central to come to the correct conclusion that there. must be a reason that voters aren’t accepting the message from them. The message may in facy be positive, but the messenger may not be the right one to deliver it.

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What is Free Speech (Podcast)


Here’s our first podcast. We went a bit long today but I think you’ll enjoy the conversation. We discuss free speech in a different way than I think it has been, at least in a while.We really wanted to discuss free speech and social media but will save that for another podcast. Please leave comments and let us know what you think. Gretchen and Sarah were really informative throughout

Stay Tuned


So, I haven’t written much in a whle, but I do have an announcement. A podcast. This Wednesday, Gretchen Mullen (@skepticreview89), Sarah Braasch (@sarahjbraasch1) and me will start producing podcasts. They won’t be so long as to bore you (maximum agreed is 1 hour) but I think you’ll like what you hear from a Writer/Editor/Educator, a Aeronautical Engineer/Lawyer, and uhh, Me.

Stay tuned. These won’t be live, at least initially, and we’re in discussions as to how often we get together. Currently, we’re looking at twice per month but of course that would depend on our audience (you). Look for uploads here, on Sarah’s Youtube channel, and on my SoundCloud channel.  I’ll be playing engineer for the show so please forgive any mistakes. As we go along, the show will become more professionally formatted. We don’t have a name for the podcast yet, but I think by Wednesday, we will.

Is Bernie Inevitable? Can We Trust the South Carolina Results?


Today, I believe,  will be the most important day of the Democratic primaries. It’s been predicted that Joe Biden will win the South Carolina Primary anywhere from 4 to 12%. There is an outlier poll that shows him up 22% but I’d be surprised if he won by that much. Although many democrats are afraid of a Bernie Sanders nomination, a similar amount do not see Joe Biden as their first choice to be able to take the White House this fall. It is a conundrum for some: Do they vote for the unabashed “Democratic Socialist” on the ticket or for one of the others who, even though many in the media describe as moderate, clearly are not in any way.

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Feeling “The Bern” Yet?


So it appears right now that Sen. Bernie Sanders has the momentum for the Democratic nomination going into South Carolina and then, 3 days later, “Super Tuesday”.  It’s actually amusing to watch those on the cable networks (especially the left-wing ones: CNN, MSNBC) have a tantrum about a “socialist” receiving the nomination. Heck, it even appeared to me, watching the results of the Nevada Caucus, that MSNBC was going full #NeverBernie. I don’t think I’ve seen so many “journalists” and pundits lose their minds since Trump won the 2015 election of Clinton. then, nothing’s a done deal until the last votes are counted, but indications show that Sanders may even win South Carolina, which was supposed to be Joe Biden’s “firewall”. The pools show them neck-and-neck.

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