It’s No Longer Science, It’s a Cult

Follow the science. How often in the past two years have we heard that from our leaders as well as those in our business or social circles? Daily would be a good answer. And in following the science of the Wuhan virus, what have we discovered in those same two years? Well, nothing that we probably didn’t surmise in the first few months of disease. In the early weeks of the pandemic, most of what I heard, or read, made me think that this COVID virus was some sort of vicious form of influenza. There were just too many similarities in the initial analysis and even though we were told, No, this is nothing like influenza, today, two years later, we are indeed discovering that COVID is expected to act like seasonal influenza from here to eternity.

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Is the U.S. Looking for a Fight

Russian Troops at Ukrainian Border

As I write this, I am viewing Jake Sullivan, the president’s National Security Advisor, giing a briefing to the White House Press corps concerning the situation with the Russian buildup and possible invasion of Ukraine. Let me be clear: He’s lying his ass off. How do I know this? I’ve heard all of this before and these dumbasses that are now in charge of our national security concerns, are really bad at it.

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It’s Not About Being Anti-Anything

I don’t lnow if I’m incoherent or people that I know only hear what they want to hear. I’ve been remonstrated with again for being anti-vax and anti-mask concerning the now dying pandemic. Oh, and that whole dying thing? Yeah, because of the other two above, I am somehow responsible for people, not just in my community, but around the world!, dying from COVID.

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Alberta Premier Ends Draconian Rules and Mandates

This, is GREAT newa. Whether or not the Truckers protesting in the province had anything to do with the decision, it’s a step forward for Canada to return to some semblance of normality. Now if their idiot PM would come aboard and stop calling the protestors names, then maybe there could be some soert of dialogue. But that the provincial premeir can make these decisions, it appears no one is going to need Trudeau to do anything but go back and play in his costumes.

Is War With Russia Inevitable?

Are we about to go to war with Russia over the Ukraine? No, I’m not being foolish. This is a serious question and what I hear on television and in articles on the internet give me pause., It’s not a if we are being led by the same group of neocons that conned us into Afghanistan and Iraq earlier this century, but these are liberals and may I say progressives that are making the growling noises if war, Why?

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