Giving The Catholic Church a ‘By’



I’ve been writing about the abuses in the Catholic Church for a while. Just do a search from the Home Page here using “Catholic Church” and you’ll discover at least seven posts since the middle of August. This will the the eighth. What I don’’t understand is what appears to be the lack of outrage over these abuses and it seems like every few weeks or months, another one is discovered. Of course it’s easy to ignore because of the news cycle. within seventy-two hours after initial reports, the latest outrage has virtually disappeared. I would think that the sheer number of abuse victims – including Nuns – would keep these stories front and center if not with the media, then the general public.

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We Need More Atheist Activism



Should more atheists be involved in activism? Sometimes I think that we depend too much on organizations to take the lead for us when there’s a question concerning separation of church and state or any other that might be considered violations of our Constitution. Don’t we, the ones at ground zero in our various communities have an obligation to stand for ourselves, taking the lead on issues that affect us directly?

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Doing What’s Right, Because it’s Right



Whenever I see someone in trouble, my first thought is why that person doesn’t hire a lawyer? Of course, there are many reasons, mostly that they may not be able afford to bring representation on-line. Any of us may be accused, defamed for something perceived, even a straight out lie. We should be able to bring forward against those that may have defamed us, only to restore our name and reputation. It costs money to do that, and ther are those that may not be able to afford  representation to actually bring a case against those who should be called to account.

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I Believe Sarah



I recently wrote this post about Sarah Braasch. although the post seems to be well received by you, my. readers, no one bothered to comment one way or the other. That’s okay, I don’t expect people to comment on every post, but I thought this ws an important piece that I hoped others may get behind, research it as I did, and form an opinion. I was also hoping that some would subscribe to her channel on YouTube, where they would be able to hear from Sarah herself.

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Ignore the Naysayers




Something I discovered a while back is that as an atheist, I’m very much supported by others that I’ve either met online or in person. No one that I’ve come to be familiar with seems to have a problem that I’m a conservative, or even thinks that being a conservative, I cannot possibly be an atheist.  That’s been my experience overall. Sure, there are always naysayers but those people probably wouldn’t accept me no matter what.

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