Creepy Joe Creeps into a Speech

Probably every time Joe Biden speaks in public. he makes a statement that the White House has to immediately walk back (like his recent statement about sending American troops to defend Taiwan if necessary.) or that the White House tries to clarify because the president has given no context for what he just said. Todays example is at a speech to the National Education Association, where mid-speech, he sees someone he knows in the audience and says,

You gotta say hi to me,” Biden said mid-speech at the National Education Association headquarters in DC. “We go back a long way. She was 12, I was 30. But anyway, this woman helped me get an awful lot done.

This is the guy that in 2019 apologized to several wo,en he had made feel uncomfortable around hi, We’ve all seen photos of Biden though, when he was vice President, up close to young girls, seeming like he was sniffing their hair (The photos are still there) earning hin the nickname, Creepy Joe. Now, something that occurred between him as a 30 year old and a 12 year old girl. What possibly could the little girl have provided him, legislatively? Will the White House eventually provide context or hope the media forgets?

The Right to Dissent

In any free society, the right to free expression must be paramount or that society will soon lose what it has known as freedom. More specifically, it’s important that within the right of free expression, there is the right to dissent. That seems a little odd to break out but dissent is the real right that we need to protect. There are countries where anyone may say whatever they desire as long as what they say substantially agrees with the government.They may even call that free speech. try then to go against a government diktat and find out how free that speech actually is. That’s what some in this country are attempting to do: drive away dissent. If you dissent, you’re an extremist , an insurrectionist, possibly even a terrorist. It was interesting, even humorous for a while when our government leaders would refer to a large number of citizens in those terms. That day is now past.

Not Your Parents Democratic Party

How many weeks before the midtem electios and the Democrats cannot move on from their Dobbs and Trump obsessions. As this show, google searches indicate people are concerned about the economy and immigration well over abortion and Trump. It seems they believe they can dictate what the electorate should be caring about and of course, the media is in their pocket trying to push those same “issues”. Voters however are not only smarter than the media in general, they don’t have to look very far away from their kitchen tables to determine rhe problems in the country that concern them most. This election may end up being the beginning of the end of the Democratic party. At leat in it’s current incarnation.

A Tale of Government Waste (Pun Intended)

When I first moved here, we had trash pickup twice per week via the city. I can’t recall having lived any other place where the service was that often. It was convenient and the city even supplied these giant platic bins with wheels to make it easier for their trucks to do auto pickup. Plus it was cheap considering. Then one day, the city sent out a letter to all their customers congratulating us on now having oneof those days just for recyclables. The letter said something to the effect of, “You ask us for this, and now you have it!”. When I polled my neighbors and some folks at work, none of us could figure out why anyone would want to go down from two to one day for regular trash and have one day a week for recyclables.They even bought and distributed special light-blue bins to place that material in so initially it ws a large layout for the city for, what kind of return many of us wondered. We could never get that question answered. After sox years, we did get an answer when the city abruptly cancelled thst program. Yes, they were losing money like crazy.How much taxpayers money was wasted I don;;t think we’ll ever really know. That’s why it’s important to have government be responsible to the citizens instead of the other way around.

Mark Kelly(D), AZ, Votes 100% With Schumer (D) of NY

I’m old enough to know and state for a fact that politicians don’t give a crap about me or you until about 90 days before an election. Luckily for us in the U.S., we have National elections every two years where we elect the entire 435 member House of Representatives and approximately one-third of the 100 Senators. So every 2 years, these people have to come back to their constituency and claim how much they’ve accomplished for their district or state. I’ve been watching some of the ads where I live (Arizona) and am amazed, completely guffawed by the claims of one of our current, up for reelection, Senators, Mark Kelly. I hipe people aren’t fooled by his claims of accomplishment while in office. If what he claims is true now, why did we not hear of it before? He’s a Schumer puppet and is why his opponent, Blake Masters. The media are so anxious to retain this seat that they’ve falsely reported that the RNC has pulled almost $10 million in advertising. What’s imnterstimg os that Kelly and his out of state supporters are throwing ,millions into the campaign. Masters has spent a paltry amount in response and is only 1.2% behind. No one believes Kelly. He’s married to Gabby Giffords who was shot in Tucson back in 2011 and since then, both are anti-second amendment advocates, In fact, Mark tried to show how easy it was to buy a gun in Arizona but was owned by the owner of the gun-shop because he didn’t have a valid ID.