Atheists and Islam


islamPeople always ask why atheists concentrate so much on Christianity and not on any other religion; notably Islam. I’ve been considering writing on Islam, and it’s not that I have a fear of offending anyone, it’s just a question, for me, of how to present it properly; to give as an objective view as I’m able. Continue reading


What is a “Freethinker”?


I’m fairly certain that as an atheist, I’ve met very few that declare themselves as Freethinkers that actually are. Its a popular term with those declaring themselves atheists and humanists, and of course, it makes anyone declaring that one of the Kool Kids, but how many out there making that declaration actually are freethinkers?

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Reasonable Doubt



Can we apply the judicial standard of Reasonable Doubt to the existence of God? Maybe, and I’ll attempt to explain how. I’ve thought about this for a long time and although I an not a lawyer, I find this standard to be applicable here. It’s used mainly in criminal cases where a judge instructs the jury at the end of the trial that if any juror has reasonable doubt as to the guilt of the defendant, then they must vote for acquittal.

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