Texas, I’m Ashamed

Yep, Texas, you make me ashamed to be a Texan. I’ve always called myself a Texan, even though I haven’t lived there since 1988. I grew up there, went to university there, and yes, as a young man, lived there for a few years.

Now, I can’t believe it. You’re about to pass a bill, which will be signed by the current Governor, to restrict abortion services in the state. What are you thinking? First, I was surprised that there are only 42 registered abortion clinics in the entire state. That’s a state of almost 26 million people!

And oh, not the only state to pass restrictive abortion laws.Check this

There are three major provisions to the bill, which will likely pass this week, as similar bills have passed in (other states).

First, it would prohibit abortions after the 20th week. The reason here is that fetus’ are viable now due to current medical technology. My question to this I, “so”? Im a man. I have no idea what its like to be pregnant, or even what it means to make a decision to either terminate a pregnancy or carry the fetus to birth.  Don’t you think that the woman in question should have the final decision? Maybe she’s poor, uneducated, unable to care for that child once it’s born.

What about the father, some ask? What if he wants the child? Then let him carry the child for 9 months. Okay, some reality. Should a decision like that be made between the mother and father? Well, I’ve never been in that position but what I want to say is “yes”. But then, is that “father” actually going to perform his duty as a father? Support that child? Make sure that child has an environment that they grow up in that is positive? (Statistics) say no.

The next provision states that women that want to take the “abortion pill” would have to show up at a registered clinic.The pill, also known as RU-486, is dispensed by clinics. Normally, there are two dosages. Now, currently, women wanting that pill have to only show up once at the registered clinic. Under the new bill, women would have to show up  to receive the second pill, plus, have to attend the clinic fourteen days later.

This will place an undue burden on women. I think that says it all.

Abortion clinics would also have to meet certain standards of what is called an “ambulatory surgical center”. Currently there are 421 of those centers registered in the state. Under the new law, most, if not all would be closed. In fact, of the only 42 centers registered for abortions (I was really surprised how small that number is), only 5 will survive. Oh! That’s based on a story from Fox News! No kidding! So 37 registered clinics will not meet the standards of the bill to remain open. Holy shit!

Oh yeah, I forgot another provision; Any center providing those services must be within 30 miles of a major hospital. Have you seen the size of the State of Texas? Are those legislators on acid? Does anyone realize that pretty much outside the I-45 corridor is screwed? Also, there’s the I-35 corridor. Both run North to South. And there’ll be plenty of women that live between that will not have access to “family planning” services.

Unfortunately, because this bill is sponsored by “Republicans”, it will most likely pass. It’s already passed the state Senate, where a month ago, it didn’t because there were so many people in the gallery that kept the vote from occurring.

That’s not the case this time. There’ll be plenty of State Troopers to exit you all out of the gallery and the capital itself so that that the legislature may vote.

So here’s what you need to do; Call your legislator. Demand they vote against this bill. Heres  where to call. Flood the freaking phones with your calls. If you live outside of Texas, like I do, please don’t call. They’re not going to pay attention to you. They might, just might, pay attention to their own constituents.

Now many of you might not know who represents you, that’s why I’ve given the Contact page, and nothing more specific. But if you feel about this bill like I do. Call. Now.


3 thoughts on “Texas, I’m Ashamed

  1. I’m a public defender in Ohio. It seems just a matter of time before I’m representing some poor teenager for having an abortion.


    • I hope it never comes to that, but I understand it might. That’s why we all need to wake up and take a stand against these horrible bills being passed in states. We need to make sure we do our best to vote out those “representatives” in the various state legislatures that would criminalize a legal medical procedure. We need to take our government back from the neo-cons.


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