They’re Not Rocket Scientists



I’ve always thought it was curious that people would commit an illegal act, have a friend record it, and then post it online, with their face visible to anyone. I’m sure many of us have seen the short clip of the woman in a grocery store, taking out a container of ice cream, removing the lid, licking the contents, then placing the lid back on a replacing the container in the freezer. Now it looks like she may have been identified and the penalty (state) for a conviction? A minimum. of 2 years in prison with a maximum sentence of 20 years. That seems harsh but the issue is contaminating food, on purpose, possibly causing harm to others.

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The Week in Non-News


So there were 2 stories in the media this week that seemed to get the left and the media (wait! those are the same aren’t they?) in a bit of a tizzy. I found both to be rather silly myself but hey, it must have been a slow news week. I mean, there really is nothing else going on around the country or the world that might be more important, is there?

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Your Mythology is not Science


When I see a creationist criticize atheists as those people that believe that the universe was created from nothing, even though I’ve heard this for decades, I still shake my head. How is anything created from nothing? Yet, these same people persist in their false accusation because it fits the narrative, from their text, of how the universe came into existence.

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SJW Rage Tears

I saw a tweet on my timeline this morning I just have to share. It’s hilarious. You recall the kerfuffle in the Canadian Libertarian Party with the video with Lauren Southern confronting feminists at a slut walk and challenging them as to the efficacy of the narrative of rape culture. This did not go over well with her party.

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