SJW Rage Tears

I saw a tweet on my timeline this morning I just have to share. It’s hilarious. You recall the kerfuffle in the Canadian Libertarian Party with the video with Lauren Southern confronting feminists at a slut walk and challenging them as to the efficacy of the narrative of rape culture. This did not go over well with her party.

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Apple, Inc. Jumps the Shark

Do you ever read something on the Internet and immediately facepalm? I just did that a few moments ago. It’s been confirmed that Apple has removed all games from its App Store that have depictions of the Confederate flag. When I first saw some mentions earlier this morning, I thought it was a joke, and it is, but on Apple’s consumers.

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Doubling Down on Stupid is Stupid

I just want to expand a little more on my post from Monday concerning Sargons conversation with Adam Baldwin. Yesterday, just for the heck of it, I tweet Mr. Baldwin with a link to “my take” on what I referred to as an “interview”. Mr. Baldwin, surprising to me, tweted back ouch. This caused a small tempest in my Timeline and generated a few comments, several from Sargon as to the inent of the conversation. It’s telling.

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This is “Our” Culture?

This is almost too ridiculous for words. This person becomes more of a cartoon character every time she opens her mouth. Attempting to be relevant, she becomes less so every day.


“This is our culture”? Really? So now a whiny person has decided that millions of other people are not welcome. Perfect.