Technology, It’s a Bitch

Have we become too reliant on technology? Would the human race continue to exist without all of the benefits we have today if all of our modern technology suddenly ceased to exist?

I’ve had this thought experiment for several years now. It really began when, at work, I started noticing people walking around with their bluetooth headsets attached to their ears constantly. I started referring to them as “The Borg”.

My question was then and still is, what would these people do without their cellphones? Do you know anyone like this? Are you one of those people?

I know people that cannot leave their cellphone for a minute. It must always be in their hand or attached to their hip. Honestly, that amazes me.

Quick story. At work one day I was having a “contact lense” issue which required me to go to the restroom to remove and reinsert . While I was there, I heard this clicking noise behind me. There was a guy in a stall, I presume taking a crap, that was texting while on the toilet!  I thought, “holy shit!”, yeah pun intended, that this guy could not leave his cellphone for the time it took him to take a crap.

Okay, you’re laughing now, but that story is absolutely true.

So, here’s a thought experiment. If cellphone service became unavailable, not only locally, but world-wide, what would you do?

It’s interesting to me because we have become so dependent on technology that I wonder what would happen in society if even one aspect of that technology were unavailable for a day, a week, or even forever.

There’s an entire generation that has grown up with access to a cellphone. It’s like when I was a kid, and I had television. Now, when my parents were children, there was no such thing as “television”. And it wasn’t digital when I was growing up. Families had antennas outside their homes to receive the analog broadcasts from their local stations.

So, my thought experiment is just this: with the advent of the cellphone, especially smartphone technology, what would happen if it suddenly disappeared?

I am neither a sociologist, or philosopher. In fact, I don’t know of anyone that has commented of the effects of technology on society. There are probably many papers out there, but I’m too lazy to go and read them.

What I’m really looking for is a reaction from you. What would you do if suddenly cellphone service was unavailable, worldwide.

Another thought experiment: What  if the Internet went down as well?

Are we too dependent on technology? No, I’m not a Luddite, but I want to ask the question.

What would you do if you woke up tomorrow and some part of the technology we enjoy had suddenly disappeared?

As always, you comments are welcome.


3 thoughts on “Technology, It’s a Bitch

  1. Giving up on social networking would be no big deal for me as pretty much all I use is twitter. I wonder though, what he(?) would do if all of a sudden there were no cell service, or, more extreme, no Internet at all? It seems to me he has a lot of caveats to his online interactions.


  2. I think people who use it everyday could adjust. The problem comes in with businesses who rely more and more on the internet. I think that business would be able to manage but depending on the business it would take a while.

    The subject of technology brings up one of my favorite concepts and that is abstraction. In modern society today there is so much abstraction going on. I don’t think abstraction is bad in itself as long as there is a way of tracking what is going on.


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