Maybe Being a Luddite Isn’t So Bad

Sometimes the Internet seems to be too much trouble to deal with on a daily, basis. Or at all, ever. It’s become so important to our lives though, in many ways, that it would be almost impossible, or at least very inconvenient, to be without it. There have been those days though when I think I may give it a try. But then, I’d give up a phone (VOIP) that I use as my primary voice connection to the outside world. Sure I have a cell phone, but I rarely use it.

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Are We Becoming Too Connected?



A litle over a year ago, I wrote a post titled, Why Have a Smartphone? I think the questions I raised about them then are valid today. these are expensive devices that we seem to be unable to be without. Of course, times have changed and having an old-fashioned landline really isn’t possible for most people today – if the phone company even offers the service anymore (most don’t for homes). People are so attached to these devices that they won’t even go to the bathroom without carrying it along. Yes, I’ve witnessed this. We. love our technology, no matter the shape it takes or the function(s) performed.

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Why Have a Smartphone?

Whenever I ask someone I know why they have a smartphone, I’m always surprised by the answer. I too have a smartphone (an iPhone) and yes, it’s a great piece of technology but is it really worth the price? One of the issues with it for me, as a man, is that it won’t fit in my pocket, at least not comfortably, which is something I saw on Twitter today from a friend about them in general.

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