Are You an ‘Angry Atheist’?

I’m not angry, and no one has ever referred to me as an “angry atheist”.

I do, however regularly read blogposts, see Youtube videos, and even have the occasional conversation with some that I would refer to as “angry”.

These people though, are in the minority, at least from my perspective. Most of the anger that I perceive, comes from the other side; that being the theists that believe that their religious perspective should be allowed to invade my life. That doesn’t mean that I can’t become angry about a specific issue, it just means that I don’t walk around everyday being cranky.

We live in a society (at least in the United States), where there are people that actually think that because they happen to be in the “majority” (religious) that they should be able to impose their way of life on the rest of us. Well, sorry to say, but that’s not how it works.

I don’t know how things work in other western countries, but here, it’s an imperative that a minority (racial, ethnic, religious) will not be discriminated against, nor will preference be given to any.

So. I’m not angry. I am actually hopeful that as we all evolve as a society, things will change. Rarely does change happen overnight and I don’t expect a lot of issues that I’m interested in to change that way.

As a society we have evolved. “Are we there yet?”. No. And it will take a few more generations, in my opinion, for prejudice and overall inequality to recess into what will eventually be called the “dark ages” of society. Long after all of us are gone.

But again, I see signs that make me hopeful, and therefore, not angry.

So. Let’s allow the theists to become labeled “angry”.  Because they are. They hate having to answer to facts. They hate anyone that disagrees with them, And they’re losing. And over time, every “battle” will be won by people of reason.

Theists are losing the battles in most western countries. And very slowly, here in the United States, they are as well. What we have to do, as a community, is stand together, and move in unison for reason and not outdated, millennia old ideas.

So, what I’m really trying to say here is avoid the moniker of being an “angry atheist”. Should you debate? Sure. We should be debating though on facts, and not an emotional output that clearly, in a media driven world that is clearly anti-atheist, allows the “other side” to describe us as angry.

It’s okay to become angry, just don’t let that become what you’re known for.


One thought on “Are You an ‘Angry Atheist’?

  1. I’m not an angry atheist. Unlike many, I don’t harbor resentment at the Church I once belonged to. I realize that everyone who encouraged my belief in God meant well. Being an atheist is simply a great relief for me.

    Like you, I think time is on our side as disbelief spreads. But we must also promote skeptical thinking, which sadly seems on the wane in many areas.


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