Sometimes, I Receive Comments…


Yes, sometimes here I receive comments on posts. On occasion, I receive one that I want to respond to within a post. I know I could ignore it or even delete it (if it were abusive) but there are some that I believe need a more exposure than it may normally receive here. All comments are public, so by copying the comment here, is not any kind of ethical violation. Sometimes, I think when I receive one like the one below, it’s from someone just trolling me, not serious at all. I’ll leave it to you though to decide. Whether you are a believer or not, this might bring a smile to your face.

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Would You do Business With an Atheist Company?


I was watching television the other evening. Of course, a commercial break began I there was an advertisement from a heating and air conditioning business to have the AC unit checked out before the full brunt of summer arrived (in Arizona, you want to know whatever you use, central air or an evaporative cooler) will work through the summer. I took down the number and thought I might give them a call. The price they stated appeared reasonable ($50). A while later, during the same program, at another commercial break, there was another advertisement from a different company – an obvious Christian company based on the elaborate design I could see on their vans. The cost for the service I mentioned was the same.

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It’s Time to #FreeMubarakBala


I wrote a post recently concerning a new Atheist organization: The International Association of Atheists.  I support them. Why? Read the post, but it comes down to this: a totally new Atheist organization is doing something others, in the U.S. and elsewhere won’t do – save a life. In my opinion, one thing atheists should be doing is standing up for one another, no matter where we live. In this specific case, an advisory board member in Nigeria, has been arrested for blasphemy. Yes, you read that correctly. No one, even his family, know about his status. Is he even still alive?

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I Support the IAA. You Should Too.


Living in the West, I cannot imagine  a SWAT team coming to my house, breaking down the door, and arresting me for the crime of blasphemy. In other countries around the world, that indeed does go on. It’s something that we non-believers, and yes, believers as well, should stand against. Consider the Christians killed in Islamic countries. We hear those horror stories all the time but rarely hear about the individual who has been jailed, under threat of the death penalty, for the crime of being a non-believer.

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Seeking the Secular Vote


Why is it that among voters, we never hear about the secular vote? By that I’m specifically referring to Atheists, maybe Agnostics as well, but mostly the Atheist vote. As most of us know, there’s more than 10 million people in the U.S. that identify as Atheist. Out of those, probably half – or more – are voting age. Think about adding those raw vote totals to the total in any election. In some states, there are more atheists than in others, but the fact is that atheists exist in society, everywhere, and many are politically active should mean that candidates for office should seek out that vote.

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