Let’s Be Better, Atheists



Sometimes I view online atheism as disappointing. Many online appear, in my opinion, to view their mission to simply mock religious believers and never proffer an actual argument against some believer they’re having a dialogue with at the time. The discussion devolves into insult and condescension. I don’t think that’s a way to approach anyone’s dogma, and of course it doesn’t make either party look especially mature. There are some that are decent and ask respectable questions, only to receive the same condescending, attitude from the other person. Does that mean, as atheists, we should descend to the same level in response?

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Is America a “Christian Nation”?




I saw something interesting on social media. American Atheists is in the middle of their annual conference and there was a tweet that mentioned a chant by attendees claiming that “America is NOT a Christian Nation!”. Is that true? I think it’s easy to pretend we’re not, and maybe people attending that conference think that the rise of the religiously unaffiliated indicate that America isn’t a Christian nation. that poll however, has less to do with belief in general than it does as to the state of the Christian religion in America.

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Get Out of Our Country, Atheists!



Atheists have always been concerned, to a degree, with how low we poll among the general population as to being trusted. We have polled lower than rapists and that should be disturbing to anyone, atheist or not. Why is it we’re so disliked (okay, I’ll say it – hated) by those that probably don’t personally know an atheist? Why is it that just not believing in god(s) somehow brings out a level of vitriol in some people that in any other circumstance, would be considered a threat? Think about it. Some of the things I’ve seen posted on social media by so-called believers are so over the top that it has me wondering about the mental health of the same.

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Atheists Are Not Obsessed With God




Why are you obsessed with God, a being you claim doesn’t exist? ?Is a question atheists often hear. Personally, I’m not obsessed with any god, although I do write about the subject on occasion. The reason, I write about something I don’t believe exists is that I want to show others that there’s no reason to believe in something that has no effect on anyone’s life.  No one has to believe in any god to get through life and there’s no punishment or reward after this life for anything.

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Protecting Religion Over the Public



office binders draft bill

I’ve been reading about a bill, in Missouri, which if passed by the legislature, and signed into law, would not allow any of those that make a court challenge of separation of church and state, to remain anonymous, unless that person were a minor. When I first read about this, I was skeptical that this proposed law would only affect those certain cases. Today I decided to do a little more investigation and , yes, that’s all it would affect.

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