The Atheist Vote


do we need to encourage atheists and secular people to get out and vote? I see some people on Twitter, atheists, encouraging their fellows to make sure they vote because, if nothing else,  atheists need to somehow demonstrate first, that We Are Here. Then, possibly, there might be a bit of recognition of what is importnt for those of us that are atheist voters.  But how would anyone know who’s an atheist and who’s not? How about polling before the primary season? What we do know, or think we know is that most atheists vote or lean democratic  in the US. But do all atheists have the same agenda and would a poll of voting age atheists influence candidates at any level in future elections?

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The Exodus from AAI


What’s going on at Atheist Alliance International? I read in my Twitter feed that our friend Courtney Heard (AKA @Godless_Mom) has resigned her co-Executive Directorship, along with Bridget Guadette, this week. The last time. wrote anything about this was when, late last year, I wrote this about David Silverman former president of American Atheists) being hired as Executive Director. Now I know why Courtney and Bridget were hired because according to Courtney, David left the organization this past January. I didn’t put it together then but that’s nothing new for me.

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Atheists are Not “The Bad Guys”


I want to ask a question. If you were going to buy a house in a neighborhood, and the agent had to disclose who your neighbors might be, who would you rather live near, an atheist or a sex offender? Before you answer, consider that in polls over the last decade, atheists have been placed as less trustworthy than rapists. That’s disconcerting to me as an atheist. But the reason, I believe we as atheists are viewed so poorlt is because how we’re presented in media.

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Evangelical Atheism?

Atheist advertising campaign launched

A friend on Twitter recently posted a question that I didn’t think I wanted to answer on that platform. I thought it deserved a little more than a tweet or even a thread, so I decided to address it here.  Not that this will be an especially long post, but I think that the query deserves a little more time.

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