Atheism: Does it Really Matter?



Recently, I had a conversation with a friend, about nothing really, but eventually the subject turned to atheism, as it seems to if the conversation goes on long enough, I have no idea, after all these years why non-atheists (I don’t know if many are truly believers) are so interested, intrigued, by atheists. It’s almost as if we’re looked at as a different species rather than just people that don’t believe in god(s).

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No God, No Rights, Right?


So I just heard -for the umpteenth time – that our rights, at least as Americans, come from God. I’ve always found anyone stating anything similar to that as being curious and have wondered – aloud in many cases – where that thought comes from. It certainly doesn’t come from our Constitution, which doesn’t mention God, or Creator, or Deity, or whatever other appellation anyone wants to use, ever. So how is it that some God gives us the rights that we so cherish? It comes from the same people that believe, and often say, that being a conservative means, by default, a belief in God.

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The Free Will Conundrum



I used to ask, as a Christian, why God seems to be absent from our daily lives. Forget about prayer, or even attending services, it seemed to me that God never cared about what people did. Think about al of the awful things that humans do to one another; All of the atrocities that have occurred during just your lifetime. If there is a loving, caring God, that cares so much about his creation (us) why won’t this God do something about all of the evil people do towards one another?

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Why Do Atheists Perpetuate Division?



What’s going on within atheism? Why does it seem that every time it looks like there’s some sort of truce or at least cease fire, that something else (more than one thing?) pops up and starts another seemingly never-ending argument, over nothing much as it often turns out to be. I recently read this piece from Atheist Revolution that had me wondering what in the heck the problem is now? I’m glad Jack didn’t go into it, whatever it is, but just stated for the record that there always seems to be something that offends one group of atheists  or another.

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