Saying What You Think


I originally had a different subject to publish today. I decided not to because I know that what I had written would come across as inflammatory to some and that wasn’t my original intention. Sometimes though, a person has to speak plainly and I think that many of us do not do that on a regular basis.

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Go! Volunteer!


There are a lot of atheists that are always writing or speaking about becoming socially involved in our communities. How many of those actually are involved? By that question, I mean, ow many are actually out within their community being a positive influence? Well, honestly I can’t say anything about others except to say that I hear a lot about being involved, but never hear any of those same people say anything about their involvement.

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What do Atheists Want?


I’m sometimes asked by Christians as to what atheists want. By that question I always take it for granted that I’m being asked why we’re so noisy in the public arena. We’re just a tiny portion of the population here in America, but we are vociferous when it comes to advocating for the separation of church and state.

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There’s No Atheist Schism

When I write here, especially on any subject that has anything to do with atheism, I’m not speaking from a

ny authority. Those that read this blog are welcome to agree or disagree with whatever I write. In fact, for those that are regulars, I don’t moderate comments. I know that’s unusual but as long as someone is not offensive to me or another commenter, I don’t block anyone’s speech.

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