The Usual Suspects Are at it Again

Here they go again.

I want to give an update on the sliming of Ben Radford by the Usual Suspects. One blogger has asked people to send any evidence or personal accounts they have about Mr. Radford to the CFI board. Well, we all know too well what these people consider as evidence: anecdotes. Personal accounts, like Ms. Stollznow’s, was plenty of “evidence” for the Usual Suspects to slime Mr. Radford and CFI in public, even though Ms. Stollznow never named him or CFI.
I wonder why they suddenly are e-begging their readers for evidence? Is it because they may have made a mistake in publicly accusing Mr. Radford of, well, a crime (sexual assault) and now need to have others provide evidence of his crimes against themselves or others that they know?
As I basically said in my last post, publicly accusing someone of a crime, without any actual evidence to back up that accusation, except for a “story” someone told, could get a person sued by the person they accused.
Now it seems like it was not long after I finished my last post, that the floodgates have opened, (that’s actually part of a post headline) to slime any and all people in the secular community that the Usual Suspects dislike. People like Lawrence Krauss and D.J. Grothe are prominently named. In case you’re interested links are here, here, and here.
I wonder why these folks don’t publish an Enemies of Our Special Snowflake Social Justice list and be done with it? It would save a lot of time for the rest of us to know who they have an overall hate-on for as well as to be able to predict the Witch-of-the-Week. I’m really tired of the Usual Suspects, but I won’t ignore them when they make their accusations against figures in the secular community public, without evidence. This is nothing more than shameful behavior and all of us should be outraged by this behavior.
Let me set the record straight though. I don’t “hero worship” any of these people that have so far been named. They all may be actually guilty of what has been written about them. But as skeptics, we should demand actual evidence and not anecdotes before we tar and feather anyone. Even those we may not like or agree with.
Oh, by the way, there was a Tumblr page up where people could make accusations about anyone they wanted. That page appears to have been taken down.

8 thoughts on “The Usual Suspects Are at it Again

  1. It now must begin to occur to even the most dim witted in the A/S/H “community” that this group you have termed “the Usual Suspects” are making a grab for power. A full on coup d’etat is underway.


    • They are fast using up their 15 minutes. In fact, I believe they already have and only stir up drama to get attention. Most of the time, I ignore them, but when they publicly accuse people of crimes, well, I can’t let that go.


  2. The Tumblr was taken down because someone posted “evidence” about David Silverman, at which point Hensley immediately accused people of abusing the Tumblr and it was shut down. I sometimes wonder if all these people dropped out in grade 8 and are stirring up all this drama to make up for what they missed in highschool.


    • Thanks for the clarification. I noticed the page last evening and when I was going to link to it on this post, it was down.
      Of course the Usual Suspects don’t want to see any of their allies accused of anything. Just their enemies.


  3. Here you are more outrage and from pz playing to his fan club for credibility points,

    I guess this will all blow over when the next emotional blackmail bait climbs out of a dark corner somewhere, these people are like ADHD sufferers at a mechatronics convention.

    After this I expect we can all get back to rape culture and how it’s mens responsibility to stop something 96+% of them don’t do. As up to 6% of the population are sociopaths or so I’m told, I’m not sure what I’m supposed to do about that but it is my fault somehow, love that patriarchy. Oblique I know but wait for the reassertion of the staples of the feminist genre.


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