Fear of Hell and Conversion Tactics


During my deconversion process I have continually added books on deconversion and atheism to my library and read through as many as possible and continue to do so.  As someone who went through this journey it compels me to read and learn how others escaped such severe indoctrination in their belief systems and in my case fundamental Christianity.  Based on everything I have read and my personal experience it seems there does come a final awakening moment when you realize that your belief is gone, and you no longer believe in a deity.  I’m not talking about non-belief on the surface but deep down inside of you.

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The New Democratic Party?



If you’re on Twitter, whether a conservative, like me, or a liberal/progressive, you’ve probably noticed an enormous amount of coverage of a young woman from the Bronx, New York, recently elected to the House of Representatives. Yes, I’m referring to Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. A very young voice in the Democratic caucus who, defeated a 10 term Democrat in the primary to become the candidate, and being in a very blue district, presumptive representative of that disctrict in Washington, D.C.

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Line in Sand Pt. 2 “The Conversation”


This week I decided after almost 3 years of the deconversion process that it was time to tell my father I was no longer a christian, no longer a believer in a god.  This was a conversation that I dreaded having but it had to be done.  I genuinely regretted having to do this because I was raised always going to church and it’s just who we were always.  It was part of my identity, our family were fundamentalist christian to the core, deep in the heart of East Texas.  This is the worldview lens that you see everything through in your life.  My father raised me in this environment because he believed it to be the truth and the way and his motives were genuine.  He did this because that was how he was raised to believe and he passed it on and expected and hoped I would do the same.

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A line in the sand…..


Many people come to moments in their life when they are faced with a choice that can have life altering consequences.  Whether it is a decision to move away and leave friends and family behind for a job opportunity or to decide to have a surgery that could correct a dangerous health condition or cost your life if it doesn’t work out.  It seems when you are faced with these types of decisions the road ahead can appear the most unstable or treacherous while remaining in your current state can provide some type of brief but temporal relief or security.   The temptation to stay put or not at for the temporal security is very strong.

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