Believing in Ideology Over Reason


As everyone knows that bothers to stop by here, I’m a conservative. If you didn’t realize that, just take a look at what this blog is called. I’m unashamed and because I am an atheist as well, nothing that I believed before I was an atheist has changed, with of course the obvious.

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I Don’t ‘Believe’ in Science


I read a headline the other day from Harrison Ford who state that we need to elect candidates that believe in science. Of course that’s a dig at Republicans who are regularly accused by the other side of not accepting scientific evidence. Yes, he’s just an actor and I rarely ever consider anything some entertainer says because in this case especially, it would be nice if those making statements like this actually understood basic science.

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The Week in Non-News


So there were 2 stories in the media this week that seemed to get the left and the media (wait! those are the same aren’t they?) in a bit of a tizzy. I found both to be rather silly myself but hey, it must have been a slow news week. I mean, there really is nothing else going on around the country or the world that might be more important, is there?

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