I’m Sick of the “Impeachment” Circus


I don’t know about anyone else, but I’m sick of all this Impeachment stuff that’s going on in Washington. Why? It’s an investigation in search of a crime, which, so far, the Democrats haven’t been able to show. Yeah, it may be early, but in history, that’s not how impeachment has ever been applied, to anyone. There’s be some 60+ impeachments in our history, two of them being Presidents. The remainder, were people like Federal judges. In every case, there were specific charges voted on by the House of Representatives before it went to the Senate for a trial.

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We Need to Cancel Cancel Culture



I read a very good piece by Cathy Young in the NY Daily News about the obsession of people, especially online to cancel those they may disagree with. It’s become known as Cancel Culture. If for some reason a person disagrees or acts in a way that some part of society disagrees with, then they. must be de-platformed – not allowed a voice in civil society. It’s shameful that we’ve come to this point where we may not agree with another person and call for them to not only be silenced, but ostracized within society.

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The End is Near: A Sarah Braasch Story



Possibly by the time you read this, my friend, Sarah Braasch will be before the Connecticut Freedom of Information Commission, pleading her case for the release of body camera video, from the Tale Police Department that she believes will exonerate her from any charges of racism that she has been accused of not only locally, by the Yale administration, but also nationally, as the story made nation-wide headlines in 2018. The story is already out there and I’m not going to go through the details, which I have assiduously researched. The question for this post is should Sarah have a right to have the  video from the Yale Police Department which Yale has denied her access for more than a year?

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It’s Time to Come Home


President Trump has decided to remove American troops from Syria. I’ve been watching the news and it seems that there are a lot  in Washington (politicians) that are against his doing so. Why is that? When he deployed troops to Syria intially, it was obstensibly to defeat the Calphate (ISIS).That’s done, mostly, although it’s a question for the ages whether we’ll (that being the West) will ever be able to defeat those whose mission is to cause us harm. What is it with official Washington, and the pundit hangers-on know that the President doesn’t? Nothing. Most likely, less.

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The Sarah Braasch Saga Becomes More Curious



I wrote some tme ago, and also annpunced on Twitter, that I wouldn’t write anything concerning Sarah Braasch in the future. The reason is that I began to believe that some things may have been turning her way. Besides there were much better advocates than me, Gretchen Mullen and Cathy Young, to name two, that would be able to keep up the pressure on the media and Yale itself to bring this debacle (that’s what I consider it) to a proper conclusion. That conclusion, in my mind would be that Sarah did nothing wrong. I did my own investigation and all you have to do is look back here, and search for “Sarah Braasch” on this blog to see what my determination was – months ago.

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