I Don’t Believe You


I try to not be rude to anyone. It’s difficult sometimes because when anyone runs into the absolute stupid, sometimes the only response I seem to be able to have is to actually call that person stupid.  Many atheists go through this daily. For me, it’s not so common but as this blog has gained a tiny bit of a following, it has started to become something I have started paying attention to.

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The Exhaustion of Being an Atheist


I have to say that there are times when being an atheist is exhausting. I have friends and colleagues ask me what I think about some news item, whether political or social, not as a conservative, but as an atheist. I sometimes wonder if I’d get the question at all, ever, if I weren’t an atheist. I’ve come to the conclusion that I wouldn’t.

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Justice Kennedy Retires, Liberals Freak Out

Most, if not all of us read or heard today the Justice Anthony Kennedy is retiring from the Supreme Court, effective the end of July. He’s 81 years old and has been on the court since 1988. He’s regularly called the swing vote on a court that has 4 conservatives and 4 liberals. He became the unknown in several high profile case, like some this week, where he voted with the conservatives.

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Virtue Signaling as a Business Plan

I don’t know why these things continue to happen or why some people believe it’s a good idea. I referring to the recent incident in the Washington D.C. area where a restaurant refused to seat or serve Press Secretary Sarah Sanders and her family. I’ve already written a post about, the very same week, DHS Secretary Nielsen being driven out of a Mexican restaurant by protestors. What’s amazing to me is how proud that manager was and how unrepentant the owners have been in the latest incident.

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Doubling Down on Stupid

I don’t get it. Why is it so difficult for people to admit when they’re wrong? I’ve been there myself and at some point I’ve wanted to attempt to say something in defense but then I realize it’s much easier to just admit my error and move on. No one’s perfect and we’re all subject to holding onto beliefs or ideologies that won’t stand up to scrutiny.

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Keating May Agree With Me

Gotta say “Wow!” here. I was looking at my timeline a few minutes ago and a bit earlier I had commented on a tweet I had seen congratulating Professor Brian Keating on his video at PragerU. Well, I had just completed a few hours earlier a takedown of an article I had seen about it. The “Wow!” isn’t about my post but about the tweet I saw, and my response to it.

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