#SexStrike: Really?



Logging into Twitter today, I noticed something that seemed to be trending a bit, at least in my timeline: Alyssa Milano is declaring a #SexStrike, until women receive what she refers to as body autonomy. If I understand this protest, it’s about a recent bill passed in the State of Georgia that would prevent an abortion, once a fetal heartbeat had been detected. I’m told this is somewhere around the sixth week of pregnancy. I don’t want to argue whether this new law is right or wrong, Constitutional or not, that’s for others in a different forum. What I find amusing about this protest is that I don’t see a lot on the left commenting one way or another and of course, those on the right are outright mocking her.

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Changing the World, One Idiot at a Time



I won’t compromise what I think is right. I won’t allow others to scream over me, trying to silence my voice, based on what I believe. No one should. The greatesd problems I see in my country today is people willing to be shouted down, and leave the stage, without any recourse to those that would prevent them from speaking, even writing, what they think about in any context. What foes on at the Higher Education level today is a disgrace to all those that fought for that right to speak on any topic, whether it was something generally accepted or not, to anyone that may want to listen.

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What is a “Secular Humanist”?



Thanks to Neil, (@604Atheist) for permission to use his photograph. Copyright belongs to Neil.

I often notice people online discussing or mentioning “Secular Humanism”, or stating that they are a “Secular Humanist”. Isn’t that redundant? I thought that Humanism by definition was secular as it is defined as being a moral, ethical person, without any belief in any god(s). Yet there are people that persist in adding the adjective Secular. Of course, I’ve argued in the past that yes, a believer could be moral and ethical as well, therefore able to be defined as a Humanist, but that’s not how anyone commonly thinks  the term is applied today.

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A Reason to Believe?



It sounds cruel to some, to others it is a license to blaspheme, but the fact remains, without evidence, indisputable, religion is a farce, a con perpetrated on humans for millennia. Religion is nothing more than a way to subjugate a population, to have them believe that if they don’t follow the rules, laid down for them, that they will forever be tormented, in this life and in a supposed life after this one. There is no morality outside that which those in power tell us that comes from one god or another. We have no capacity for ourselves, it all comes from some supernatural being that is bent upon our total obedience.

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Justice, at Five Dollars a Person



I know I said I wasn’t going to do any more stories on Sarah Braasch, and this really isn’t one. I wrote a post recently about Sarah getting representation to repair her reputation as she was so egregiously, in my opinion, misrepresented not only by her school, Yale, but by the major media as well as some other organizations, like the ACLU. We all know about her story by now, ad if you don’t believe her, that’s fine. Everyone has a right to their opinion even though those same people may have not spent the time researching the issue as I have.
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