Revenge is not Justice




I used to be in favor of the death penalty. It was years, no, decades ago. What was it that made me anti-death penalty, today I can’t say other than I came to a conclusion that the death penalty was not about justice for victims, but rather revenge from society.  It’s shameful to have to say that even today, the majority of Americans still support this barbaric punishment.

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A stark reminder….


As my first blog on this site covered, I am a recently “deconverted” fundamentalist Christian. It was very rough going through the process and especially tough telling my wife who is a Christian and likewise my son who I had raised to be a Christian as well. You wonder what people will think about you, will they sever the relationships? Each day since I realized I was no longer a Christian or even a believer in any deity I started to feel free and at peace with myself and the world around me.

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Leaving Reason Behind?



Ever notice that it seems more and more people today are just operating off emotion instead of reason? We can find it everywhere, not just in political discourse,  but everywhere in our lives. I would have thought that by now, in the 21st century, that we’d have more people of reason than those that live by those tenets that specifically reject anything to do with the same.

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