The Psychological Effects of the Wuhan Virus


Something I don’t read or hear much about the impact of the Wuhan Virus, is the psychological impact of people basically being in lockdown. We’ve been seeing people in various states protesting against, in some cases, very draconian edicts. Even though it’s only been a little over a month though, people, in general are ready to resume whatever will become normal from now on. It’s unsurprising to me, how you keep millions of people at home (mostly) in an attempt to mitigate the transmission of the Wuhan Virus, and have basically, no specific plan to allow people to to return to their lives. Well, there’s a plan, but in the little over a month, what has the mitigation of semi-lockdown done?

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Cancel Me. I Don’t Care


I do want to write something concerning the pandemic and how it’s affecting everyone that I know, and mostly everyone I don’t know. But not this time. I want to go back to a theme yo’ve seen here before: Sarah Braasch. Okay, maybe you’re exhausted hearing from me about Sarah and I honestly don’t blame you, I think everyone, well, maybe I hope, that those that have read the numerous posts I’ve written about her have sparked something with my readers. That spark should be that no one should be accused without due process.

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Being a “Racial Terrorist”


I have, it seems, exceeded my wildest dreams as a social media user: I am now considered a racial terrorist. No, I’m not joking and I found it amusing that I was mentioned in a list of just awful people (being facetious here). the mention comes from a comment on a friends blog that she happily tweeted out to us. It stems from a conversation several of us were having on Twitter concerning a writer for an unknown (to me at least) online publication that seemed to be attacking our mutual friend, Sarah Braasch, ad nauseam.  If anyone here is still unfamiliar with Sarah’s story, just do a search on her name from my homepage. You can also look at SkepticReview  for other blog posts concerning her situation.

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I’m Sick of the “Impeachment” Circus


I don’t know about anyone else, but I’m sick of all this Impeachment stuff that’s going on in Washington. Why? It’s an investigation in search of a crime, which, so far, the Democrats haven’t been able to show. Yeah, it may be early, but in history, that’s not how impeachment has ever been applied, to anyone. There’s be some 60+ impeachments in our history, two of them being Presidents. The remainder, were people like Federal judges. In every case, there were specific charges voted on by the House of Representatives before it went to the Senate for a trial.

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We Need to Cancel Cancel Culture



I read a very good piece by Cathy Young in the NY Daily News about the obsession of people, especially online to cancel those they may disagree with. It’s become known as Cancel Culture. If for some reason a person disagrees or acts in a way that some part of society disagrees with, then they. must be de-platformed – not allowed a voice in civil society. It’s shameful that we’ve come to this point where we may not agree with another person and call for them to not only be silenced, but ostracized within society.

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