Alberta Premier Ends Draconian Rules and Mandates

This, is GREAT newa. Whether or not the Truckers protesting in the province had anything to do with the decision, it’s a step forward for Canada to return to some semblance of normality. Now if their idiot PM would come aboard and stop calling the protestors names, then maybe there could be some soert of dialogue. But that the provincial premeir can make these decisions, it appears no one is going to need Trudeau to do anything but go back and play in his costumes.

Canada Shows Us What ”Peaceful Protest” Means

This protest in Canada has a lot of us down south, in the U.S. talking. To us, Canada is this qiet, polite society that never seems to become too aggravated over anything in particylar and is even handed in their treatment of every issue that does arise from time to time. That’s not to say Canadians are weak or pushovers, maybe their a lot less reactive than we, their cousins to the south and just possibly, we may learn something from another society.

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No Time For Nonsense

I began blogging again because a couple of friends had recently asked me why I had stopped. Well, to be honest, I was beginning to become bored with oit and it became more of a task than an enjoyment as ut was when I started, years ago. I did miss it. Sure I had a lot to say, not so much on Atheism or Skepticism anymore because no one really cares., which when I think about it is a good thing to happen. I never claimed to evangelize for Atheism and if anything, it mostly annoyed me the lack of skepticism there was among educated adults,

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You Might be a Domestic Terrorist if…

you’re a parent. And you attend meetings of your local school board. At least that’a what the National School Boards Association would like people to believe – especially the Federal Government. You see, going to a school board meeting and disagreeing with policies they intend to implement is not allowed. As a parent, concerned about your children’s education, you have no say in what or how education is delivered.

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