Are you Talkin’ to Me?

Why is it anytime a well known skeptic or atheist make a statement about anything online, that some people automatically believe that person is referring to them?

I’m referring to this post by of course one of the Usual Suspects. In the statement quoted, nowhere does the person that made the comment refer to anyone specifically yet it seems that anytime someone makes a statement that any one of these people disagree with, they automatically believe it is they that are being either attacked, or at least referred to.
I don’t know about you, but after reading that Facebook post that’s quoted, I can think of a lot of people I might associate with that those statements. Of course, since the attempt to smear certain organizations and individuals seems to have failed miserably, there’s nothing left to do than to try and turn any general statement into a personal attack. And yes, notice the statements made in the Facebook post are very much generalizations.
Well, it can only be this one paragraph of course:

And I curse the unholy alliance of the quack far-left so-called feminists: a different kind of ardent feminist than I am — and the authoritarian anti-sex rightist religionists whom I used to run with decades ago. (How the heck is it that these two equal opposites agree on so very much these days, and the two last decades, too?).

Notice no names are mentioned, what the poster is complaining about is how out of hand things have become with some feminists on the far-left and how they are starting to sound like some right-wing theists. That’s all.
So, we can all try to interpret what he is actually saying here, and I’ll give you mine. It’s that there is a segment of feminism that looks more like a religion than a movement for equality. It’s the call-out culture, as he refers to it, that makes this toxic and drives more people away than attracts. This culture is harmful to all women in that it places them in a position of being permanent victims, rather than endeavoring to empower women. Of course, being a man, I’m sure that in their circle, I am forbidden to talk about this because, well, not being a woman, I am incapable of understanding anything concerning women’s issues.
It’s clear that it doesn’t matter what anyone says, it won’t be interpreted charitably by a certain segment of the secular community.

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