Throwing Sexist Bombs

Is it ever alright to use sexist slurs or insults when referring to another person?

This topic comes up occasionally and I was witness to a twitter discussion(note I didn’t use “conversation” this time) between two people recently that really made me start thinking about this subject.
Since my short time being a participant on the Internet, using Twitter, participating in at least one online forum, and now this blog, it occurs to me that I see these things more often than not and it’s primarily used against those that are considered enemies in some way.
Now the major part of this discussion I saw had to do with using slurs against women, although they’re used against men as well. There seems to be “one side of the rift” that wants to vilify the other by making insulting some woman’s looks, body type, and even age. For some reason, it doesn’t matter what the particular woman says or does, after a while the slur seems to carry over time and again.
I think most of us can make cogent arguments against positions of others without degenerating into making these clearly sexist comments about “the other side”. We need to be looking at the fallacies of arguments from anyone and not look to make what can be hurtful statements that really don’t address the issue. All this does is harden the other persons position and reinforces their belief that the person making the slur is a hater, or misogynist. Yeah, I know that last word is often misused, but try to take the position of the person the language is being used against.
I’m not saying that you have to be perfectly polite, because some idiots do need to be called out on occasion but calling someone a Stupid, fat, old dried up cunt crosses a line. I’ve even read where some of these people referred as such are triggered by statements like that. By triggered, I mean they become fearful. Now, whether they actually do or not I have no idea because none of us can read another’s thoughts or experience another’s emotions but is it helpful in any way? No.
It doesn’t matter how you actually feel about what that person has said or written that you might vehemently disagree with, there’s no reason that I can currently think of to engage in sexist epithets. It might seem humorous at the time you do it, and maybe some of your online buddies will laugh along with you as well, but now you’ve not only painted yourself, you’ve allowed your opponent to use a broad brush to paint anyone you associate with online the same. Think about the Block Bot. Many of us are listed there because we happen to follow certain others on Twitter. That’s the extent of our crime.
I know there are going to be some of you out there that will vehemently disagree with me. I know some of you want to say, “They do it as well”. To me, that’s an argument of a child, not an adult. You may also not care because you actually don’t know the other person. After all, it’s the Internet. Is that really a good excuse?
Let me leave you with this, from Damion(D4M10N on twitter) one of the participants in the discussion. I think he summed it up very well:
Because in a war of ideas against neofeminist entryism every stupid sexist quip is made into a carrier of intellectual artillery.
Think about it.

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