Am I Transphobic?



I don’t believe I’ve ever gotten out of bed in the morning and said to myself, It’s a great day to be a heterosexual male. Seriously, who does that whether you are a man or a woman? Do we all automatically self identify when we get out of bed and go through our day? No, we are who we are. I’ve never met a single person that ever made any sort of self identification. Do gay and lesbians do that? None that I know because they, like me, are perfectly content as to who they are. Everyone lives their lives to the best they are able to at any time. N one should be prejudiced  against someone for their gender, sexual orientation, or their gender identity.

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Further Targeted Harassment of Sarah Braasch



Something I do most mornings, is to check my statistics here. I like to know which posts people are reading and am  sometimes surprised to see that there’s one or two out there, from a month or so ago, receiving some traction. I do this mainly because if I know what readers are interested in, I can tailor future posts to attract those same readers. I find there are some I think would initially receive more clicks, that don’t,and vice-versa. So it’s not always clear to me. Then there are those mornings that have me scratching my head.

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