More on Women in Science

So maybe you read my last post. I guess maybe I wasn’t very clear with the point I was trying to make. So let me help by first giving you some personal history.

My parents, now both dead, were part of what has now been called “The Greatest Generation”. They grew up during the “Great Depression” of the late 1920’s and ’30’s and my father was in the Navy during World War II. His greatest action was at the Battle of Okinawa. The U.S. Lost 36 ships(sunk) during that invasion and 12,000 Marines died taking that island. That doesn’t count the lives lost of the sailors, in the 36 ships, by the way.
I have a sister that was born 18 months before me. She’s my best of the best friends anyone could ever have and always will be. I love her so much, I would do anything for her and she for me. We are that close.
When we were growing up though, the emphasis on education was placed on me and not her. Even though she graduated from high school a year ahead of me and my parents paid her way through college, they never, ever thought it was a priority. That hurt her tremendously. I really believe that my parents not attitude but statement to the effect that I was more important in the scheme of things than her has affected her her entire life. But why did my parents say those horrible things to her?
Well, she’s a girl. She’s going to eventually get married and have a family and that’s going to be her focus. Her kids, not a career. For me of course you can see where I’m going. I’m the “Man”. I have to receive an education to be able to support a wife and family.
That sounds terrible now doesn’t it? It actually sounded terrible to me at the time, but those were the times my parents were raised. Today, my sister is a full Professor at a major University. She never had children. She focused on her career and is published in her field around the world. I am very proud of her because I don’t believe I would be privileged to even be around her nowadays, although she might tell you different.
Yes, I went science/engineering. She didn’t and she’s one of the most successful women I know. She’s not the only successful woman I know that didn’t go “science”.
Look around you. Look at the women you know and work with and see what they do on a daily basis. The day of the woman being the “secretary” or “bookkeeper” is over. Whenever I look around, I see a large number of women in fields from A-Z.
Just because there are those that would rather be professors in English, History, Music; would rather be Lawyers, Financial Analysts , Bankers, Stock Brokers, or Hedge Fund managers does not diminish them, it’s a career choice.
You don’t want to go into science or engineering whether you’re a young man or woman? Don’t let anyone push you into a career choice you will ultimately be unhappy with.
My final rant. For tonight.
UPDATE: Added a couple more sentences for clarity. No. You’ll have to read again to see the difference.

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