Dialing Down the Rhetoric

I think it’s time for everyone, no matter what view is held, to dial down the rhetoric concerning the government shutdown.

Mostly what I see in online posts from so-called media and on television, depending on which news station is watched, is highly biased. Half truths are told. People seem to want to pull out the gotchas of each side to try and make points. This helps no one and only inflames the public (us) one way or the other.
Let’s put this in perspective shall we? The rancor we are seeing in D.C. Isn’t new, in fact it’s been going on for at least twenty years. It’s just that in the past few years, the decibel level between the Democrats and Republicans has been dialed up several notches.
What we’re really lacking here is leadership. Yes, I’m referring to our President that refuses to sit down and negotiate anything. Yes, the GOP was wrong in the beginning demanding the defunding of the Affordable Care Act(ACA). In fact it’s clearly unconstitutional because the ACA is the law. The only way to defund it is to repeal it. That’s not going to happen. That was clearly a strategic failure on their part. Okay, stupid. That demand should never have been presented while trying to pass a Continuing Resolution(CR).
The Democrats have been a bit disingenuous as well though. Recently, the house Minority Leader made a statement concerning passing a CR and agreeing that they would vote for it at the levels of the Sequestration. Well, guess what Ms. Pelosi? Sequestration is also the law as well. Signed by President Obama. So that was a canard of the same proportions in my view. Of course, you didn’t see that in any of the media reports did you?
Where I live, there are around 4000 civilian government employees on furlough. In a town of 50,000, that’s a lot of people. If this shutdown lasts until the middle of this month, the economy here will be affected for a while.
It’s time for all of our representatives to sit down and come up with something they can all live with and do it now. It’s up to the President to make this happen.Isn’t that why we elected him? To lead? He should call all the leaders on both sides into a room and not let them leave until they can come to an agreement that he, and both parties claim “victory” to their respective constituents.
Everyone looking in on this disaster though needs to dial it down a bit. We all have our opinions, and we all need to remember that both sides deserve some blame in creating this situation.
We all need to remember this next November as well.

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