Are All of Our Politicians Crazy?

Most of the time I really believe that the politicians, of both parties here in the U.S. are completely crazy.

I’m not going to go over the last week as like me I’m sure you’re exasperated by all of the shenanigans that have been perpetrated, starting with the Republicans, and exacerbated by the Democrats. I just want to bring a couple of items up that broke in the news today; Both that are possibly good.
The first was an announcement that the Secretary of Defense, in consulting with DoD lawyers have determined based on the bill that passed to pay the military last week that he would be able to bring back as many as 300,000 DoD employees this week. The reason I’m saying “maybe” is I want to see if there is some hiccup in the implementation of this plan. After all, there’s actually no money. Well, that’s what the administration has been saying and that’s why they were furloughed in the first place. I’m keeping my fingers crossed though and I hope that by Monday, we’ll start to see these people returning to work.
The second item is good news as well. The House passed a bill, unanimously , to provide back pay for all those federal workers that have been furloughed so that whenever they return, they’ll end up recovering their lost wages.
Here’s where the really crazy part enters though: Both Democratic leaders made statements after this vote that just seemed a bit deranged to me. Nancy Pelosi, the House Minority Leader said words to the effect that the vote for back pay was like giving these workers a “paid vacation”. Wait a minute Ms. Pelosi, didn’t you’re entire party just vote in favor of that bill? Harry Reid, Senate Majority Leader said words that were similar. In other words, they just disparaged those federal workers.
Here’s the question for me that arises now. Will Reid allow a vote on that in the Senate? I’m done with watching the news for the weekend so at this time I haven’t seen that the Senate has even met to consider the bill. Probably not until Monday. Will they vote or not? What do you think. I’m saying as of right now it’s 50/50 because each side is determined to make the other look bad while not just federal workers, but many American people suffer.
It’s possible that the Senate won’t vote on it until they see a”clean” Continuing Resolution, as they’ve been saying on other small bills coming from the House.
Wow. I just wrote more than I intended on this. I guess you can see that I, like you, am completely frustrated over this whole damned process.
So, are all of our politicians crazy?

One thought on “Are All of Our Politicians Crazy?

  1. I have not read or seen the clip from Pelosi, but if she a likened this to a paid vacation she is seriously mistaken b/c this is a cash flow problem for government workers. Unless workers have good savings, they are probably very worried about paying their bills. A paid vacation would apply if the gov workers were being paid while the shutdown occurs. Not so here. So, yes, disparaging and disconnected from the realities of gov workers.

    I imagine the “paid vacation” sound bite was intended to disparage the GOP, but seems to fall flat.


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