Appeals Court Overturns Federal Judge

Well, when I’m wrong, I’m really wrong. I never expected the 5th Circuit to overturn the judge that basically invalidated the key provision of the Texas anti-abortion law.

Although in my post, I did say it was too early to celebrate until the appeals court ruled, I just didn’t expect this initial outcome.

The Texas law, which went into effect today, is a terrible law and is an indictment in my opinion of our society as a whole. Any society that would permit politicians to implement laws based on religious beliefs is doomed. Once a debilitating law like this is upheld in one state, well get ready. Others, and not just southern states by the way, will be attempting to pass laws that mimic the original.

This is a huge defeat for women’s rights to their own bodies. As your Token Conservative, I’m against any government interference with laws that affect people’s personal lives. Sure, we all agree on a social contract against theft, murder and rape. We even agree on laws against animal cruelty. When it comes to an individual’s choices though, oh noes!We must regulate the peoples! What would Jesus think?

We need, as a society to rid ourselves of those politicians that vote their religion and not what’s best for their constituents. We need to marginalize those that choose to place their personal values above what’s best for the community.

I know you’re all freaking a bit. Yes, I’m a Conservative. I don’t vote the party ballot though, I vote for the person. Does this individual hold the ideals I have? Even some. No one’s exactly right in all circumstances but I really believe we need to put away Left vs. Right. Liberal vs. Conservative and vote for the people at all levels of government that pledge to work for the people and not campaign on how their belief in their god had them run for office.

I don’t know. Sometimes I think I’m the only Conservative voice that wants to pull the plug on government. The government is supposed to work for us, not the opposite.

This law in Texas, if it’s eventually upheld by the full court, which is supposed to be heard in January, would be the final death knell to a woman’s choice. Sure, I expect it to go to the Supreme Court, but that may take some time and in the meantime there will be women without choices in Texas.

Now, I’m afraid that the full court will uphold what the 3 judge panel has ruled. I hope not. I hope that there are enough judges on the panel that will realize that a woman’s right to choose cannot be dictated in any manner by the state.

I’m going to be following this case very closely. I hope you do as well. A negative decision for women will mean another year or two before it hits the Supremes. If they accept the case.

This is a bad decision by the appeals court. We need to let our state and national representatives know.

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