Yes, People do Work on Thanksgiving

I’ve been reading a lot of stories about how terrible it is that there will be stores open on Thanksgiving Day for those that decide to get a start on the so-called Black Friday deals.

I’ve seen actual calls for boycotts of those retailers that will be open. Although I will not be one of the people heading to the mall on Thursday, why should those that want to go be prevented? There’s the excuse of not giving the workers the day off with their families, but on the other side, it’s extra money for those same workers. Besides, I see the call for the boycott of the large box stores, but the not convenience store or even the liquor store that will be open. Don’t those workers deserve the day off as well?
Oh wait! That’s not the same is it? I might have to go pick up some extra rolls and how would I be able to do that if the convenience store were closed? Or, uncle Jack just drank all the Jack and I need to run to the liquor store for more adult beverages?
So I guess it’s okay then for some people to have to work in retail, just not the bad-old big box retail workers who are more deserving of the day off than the others because that might inconvenience me.
So, when you’re out at the previously mentioned stores tomorrow because you ran out of an item, stop to think about those people as well and how they are missing out a day with their families so that you won’t be inconvenienced.

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