Casting Call For Professional Victims

I think we need more Professional Victims in the skeptic/atheist community.

These people provide so much entertainment and are so dumb I just can’t seem to get enough of it. I think we need a cable show just for them. I know that it would blow out any other reality TV show.

Think about all the feigned outage at the most minor comment from other cast members. Then we move to making unsubstantiated accusations of crimes others on the show have committed.

When challenged on the accusations, cast members will claim being bullied or harassed. This could go on forever. The producers of a show with this content would make a fortune.

What would really be funny? Women cast members screaming MISOGYNIST! at each other.

5 thoughts on “Casting Call For Professional Victims

  1. There does seem to be a reality show vibe to much of it, although I think it might have even more in common with Christianity. Big persecution complex, self-righteousness, lots of trying to out-victim one another, total lack of skepticism, and willingness to turn on each other.


    • My first reaction is always disappointment. Then I take a moment, sit back, and laugh at the absurdity of it. Since the “fight” is very public, it reflects on all skeptics and atheists. Even those that are unaware of the “rift”.


  2. I must admit to having a love/hate relationship with social justice cretins. When their gone all that will be left is the creationists. And I for one don’t want to sit through another Venomfangx video.


    • It provides so much fodder for blog posts though, especially during the summer (conference time). I don’t sweat it, I just take a few minutes to point out the foolishness and hypocrisy of some people.


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