Internet Self Esteem

I really don’t care what others think about me. Well, except for my boss at work.

When I see people on the net that are so concerned about what others are saying about them, good or bad, and claim harassment or bullying by the other(s), I sometimes wonder why?

Mostly, I don’t know any of you that read this blog and of those that I do “know”, as far as I am aware, I’ve never met in person. I’ve had some Skype chats with a few but that does not mean that I know them or vice versa.

So when someone makes a disparaging comment about me on the Internet, I really don’t care. These are mostly nameless, faceless people that I will in reality never meet on the street and if we did meet on the street, would never know who the other was. They don’t matter. Ever.

So I don’t get butt-hurt over what strangers say about me. Do you? I believe that those that do become offended what perfect strangers write or tweet about them on the Internet must have self esteem problems.

Get some help.

6 thoughts on “Internet Self Esteem

  1. Whether or not I care depends upon the offensive comment said. I don’t get “butt-hurt” but I can imagine some offensive comments that would cause me to respond.

    Why do you think it necessary to be condescending toward people who do care about being offended? Because you are not offended by comments made on the internet, others must therefore have self-esteem issues if they are offended? Your self-esteem comment is just so much condescending bullshit.


    • I believe the person in question “looks” for any chance to claim offense. Let me give a hopefully quick example. When I was first on twitter, I happened to mention her name in a tweet. I didn’t “@” her, just mentioned the name. 5 minutes later, in my mentions( I don’t and never have followed her) there were 3 nasty tweets back to me from her. Since I didn’t address her directly, why would she care? I didn’t disparage her reputation but made a comment about something I found ridiculous on her blog. That’s it.
      But I was “harassing” her( her word in the tweets) even though I never included her in the tweet.


  2. You had an encounter with this one person on the internet who apparently is easily offended over even the mildest of comments. But why from this one example do you make the claim that all persons on the internet who become offended are acting out of some self-esteem deficit. This is not the only reason a person might respond to a remark they think to be offensive You appear to have purposely used the self-esteem remark as a means to condescendingly dismiss anyone who replies to what they think to be an offensive remark. I’ve no doubt there are occasions where self-esteem is a factor. But it certainly is not true in every case.


    • My point is, I don’t think this person was actually “offended”. This person was looking for an excuse to cry “offense” or “harassment”. It’s known as fake outrage. All this person does, when convenient, is attempt to stir up drama where none exists. Here’s the way I’ve seen it work: find something someone says on line, hopefully an “atheist luminary” that I can interpret as either offense to me or a group I’m sympathetic to. Cry harassment, bullying, misogyny, etc. Get my supporters to dog pile that person. Become an Internet hero.


      • I understand all this. You seem to not be getting my main point. I am not contesting your description of or thoughts about this person or this single incident. I am trying to get you to explain why you jump from this one example to the broad assertion that all, or even most, people who take issue with a comment that they perceive as offensive, sincerely or as an exercise in fake outrage, must or likely are doing so because of low self-esteem. This is the part of your comment that I think is unjustified. This is the part of your comment that I think is condescendingly dismissive, not to mention incorrect.


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