Atheism: Why We Aren’t Winning

It seems a lot of people are frustrated with the state of atheism these days. They feel that atheism is making few, if any inroads into society – in the USA, these days.

Let’s get this straight, as atheists, we’re a minority here in the US. Not like a racial or ethnic, etc. minority, we’re even smaller than those. We’re like a mosquito trying to bite an elephant. Sometimes, we succeed; Other times, many times, we are swatted down.

Atheists don’t have the political punch to make a real difference in America. We’re viewed mostly as a nuisance, nothing more. Sure, there are a few high-profile voices out there, but very few and politically, as far as the rest of the country is concerned, they’re neuter.

If we want to make a difference, make real change, we need to stop talking about atheism as being a “movement” and actually become one. If you’re complaining about the state of atheism, what are you doing about it?

More on this later.

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