Dear EllenBeth: I’m Not an Organization. Go Away.

Some people just don’t get it. What I mean by “it” is that you can’t make two apples into an apple and an orange.

What am I referring to? This post, by one of our favorite Usual Suspects in which she attacks EllenBeth Wachs. Why? EllenBeth dares to challenge her on her criticism of the GSC for not answering her questions, when being guilty of the same.

The response? “I’m not an organization.”

Let me try for an analogy here. Someone is banging on your door, ringing the doorbell incessantly and calling you all sorts of names. Luckily, they’re still on the other side of that door. What do you do? Do you open that door and speak with them or ignore them?

This is precisely what The Usual Suspects have done with the GSC. They were barely announced before the attacks came. The snark. The, dare I say? Jealousy because no one checked with them if this organization was okay to form. No one asked any of them to participate. But why would the GSC ask any of these people to participate when they’ve accused several of misogyny , rape, sexual harassment, on and on. Why would anyone want to associate with a group like that?
But ask any of these haters to answer simple, reasonable and respectful questions about what they write and speak about? No way.

Hypocrisy anyone?

2 thoughts on “Dear EllenBeth: I’m Not an Organization. Go Away.

  1. Neither Ophelia Benson, nor PZ Myers would know anything about running an organization. It seems Stephanie Zvan does, maybe that’s way she is keeping to herself.

    Nonprofits are, mostly, based on volunteerism and a skeleton crew of unpaid staffers and members keep the thing afloat. EllenBeth -and most of the team of the GSC- know what I’m talking about.

    Their criticism is laughable.


    • For me, it’s just pure hypocrisy. I mean, those of Whom I Speak not only get paid to blog and write articles, but also speak at events. they are “public figures” from that POV. Not answering questions about what they write or speak about is just placing yourself above others. Egotism.
      We should all start calling it out wherever we see it.


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