Why Notre Dame is Important to All of Us


Notre Dame cathedral fire

I thought I’d wait a few days to write about the devastating fire in Paris of the Cathedral of Notre Dame. The reason is I wanted to see how many conspiracy theorists came out of the woodwork, blaming of course, Muslims for the fire. I wasn’t disappointed. Of course, yes, there have been numerous Christian churches defaced in recent months, but to try and assign blame of this awful incident to Muslims, seems like a leap. Remember, it was being renovated and without any evidence of arson, it may easily be placed in the category of being an accident.

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Liars: Entitled, and Privileged



My friend Sarah Braasch has a blog. If you’re unaware of it, here’s a link to it. I’ve written quite a few words about what happened to her. I won’t provide the links here, most of you have probably already read my posts. If you haven’t use the “Search” on the homepage here and look her up. I wasn’t going to write anything about her or her situation, at least in the near term. I thought I had said most of what I could for now. But today, she had a post of her emails between herself and Yale that made me respond, “Wow!”.

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Believing the Narrative (A Sarah Braasch Story)



Why do people seem to want to believe in something that, even on initial review, seems unbelievable at best? We see it all the time in the media. It’s first propagated online, somehow picked up by the media, and then it seems all hell breaks loose until it’s discovered what we’ve been told is completely false. Yet, even after the actual facts have come out, there are still those that will deny those obvious facts. How is it that media are fooled so often and then have to later offer a correction, or come back and just give a non-apology, apology?

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Weaponizing Words



I’m always bothered by the weaponization of words. I can’t recall the last time I heard someone called a racist or a bigot and took the accusation seriously. I’m not saying there aren’t people like that, it’s just that those words have become so overused as an attack, it’s not easy in a lot of caes to determine whether or not the allegation is true or not. Of course one reason is that it’s not possible to disagree with someone on any social subject without a charge coming out of the dialogue. This is precisely what many who are known as Social Justice Warriors do in an attempt to shut down whatever conversation there was.

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I don’t identify with any “tribe” as we’ve come to know them. Yes, I’m an atheist, and those that read here regularly, a conservative. But neither of those groups, atheists because I’m conservative, and conservatives based on being an atheist, accept me as one of their own. There was a point when that bothered me, but that was a long time ago. I’d rather be my own person than feel I have to in some way, compromise myself because I have a need to belong.

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