Want to Lower Premiums? Lose the VooDoo



I have to say that the needle on my skeptic meter just broke. Again. ike a lot of people, every year I have to renew my medical insurance where I work. It only takes a minute, it’s all done online of course, and I choose the same plan I have had for several years now. I haven’t really looked to see if the coverage has changed since I originally opted in those years ago and was interested if there was additional coverage, or, what I was expecting, something the plan no longer covered.

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We’ve Lost Our Objectivity


Why are so many people willing to believe what they’re told, with little to no evidence whether it’s about politics or religion? I’ve always kind of scratched my head in wonder mainly because I think I’m one of those that is skeptical unless I actually see something more than a single news story or that yes, in fact, Jesus or the Virgin MAry appeared on a piece of toast.

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Celebrity Takes Precedence Over Real Life (and Death!)

death penalty

I have to say I was disturbed recently by the response a friend of mine received from a post she wrote. Many of you know of Courtney Heard, AKA “Godless Mom” and that she is a fierce anti-death penalty advocate. She has been communicating, via mail with a man on death row in Texas for a crime that is suspicious in that none of the evidence seems to prove that this man, awaiting execution, actually committed the crime he has been sentenced to death for and remaining there for decades while his case is being appealed.

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Unintended Consequences


We all do or say things that later we may come to regret. At the time, we may believe we are doing the right thing, whatever it is, but come to find out that in fact, we hadn’t thought our action through very well before executing it. Some may actually apologize to whomever their target happened to be, others refuse, beliving that they were actually trying to do something good and that sometimes, bad things happen to good people.

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