The Supreme Court and Judicial Temperment


I’ve been hearing and reading a lot about Judge Bret Kavanaugh since President Trump nominated him last evening to replace Justice Kennedy on the Supreme Court. I’ve seen a lot of the here we go again types of articles, focusing on his religious belief and that he would be the 5th vote on the court to overturn Row v. Wade if it ever came up before the court.

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Knowing Who Your Friends Are

Imagine this: You and a group of friends go out to dinner at a nice restaurant, on your dime. The dinner seems to go well, but you notice that during the dinner each of these people politely excuse themselves from the table for a moment. The next day, you discover that each of these friends during their brief absence from the table were tweeting horrible things about you. How would you react? Would you ever invite these same people to dinner again? Would you be able to trust them in any situation not to stab you in the back?

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Do You Judge Someone Based on Their Ideology?

This evening, I had a conversation with two people on Twitter. We ventured into ideology. I made the following statement:

And yes, I truly believe that. It’s way more important for me that people of whatever ideology (political, religious, but in this case political) use reason to make their argument than spout some polemic that I can look up in a dictionary.

I received this response:

Thanks Skep! You’re one of those people I truly respect. A person that doesn’t judge anyone based on anything other than their actual words; And their actions.

It’s essential to me, as a skeptic, yes, even as a conservative, that we not pretend to make judgements based on someone’s stated ideology, but only on what they actually say. More importantly, what they do.