Men: Just Dress Us In a Clown Suit

Just kill me, will you?

We’ve all seen fashion trends come and go but it looks like the latest for men is , wait for it, the short suit.

Go ahead, click on the first link in the article. Well, maybe some of our hipster friends will buy this – or maybe in Europe – they’re kind of strange (it’s a joke!), but in the US?

I’ve never been much of as fashionista so this won’t really affect me directly but I can’t wait to see the first guy, in person, wearing this abomination.

Whatever gave anyone any idea that this would trend? Do these people do any kind of market research before they start the manufacturing process? Do they not also understand that there is already a perception problem with men? We’re either viewed as stupid as to caring for our familes or fools that can’t determine one end of a hammer from the other. Oh, and these are images created by PR and marketing firms.

Next Menswear Innovation? The clown suit.

2 thoughts on “Men: Just Dress Us In a Clown Suit

  1. I suspect the market research you seem to think they did not do is what gave them the idea to produce this product. I also suspect you are not part of the consumer demographic they are or will be targeting.


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