Apologize? Eat This.

I’m anxiously waiting for the Monumental Stupendous Post concerning a “talk” with the GSC.

Yeah, it’s supposed to happen today. You know what I’m referring to right? This post (of mine). So, it’s already after noon Pacific, and I’ve yet to see anything. Doesn’t mean there won’t be because maybe the conversation hasn’t happened yet.

Yeah, I need to get a life, don’t I?

Personally, I have a problem entering a discussion with anyone that’s based solely on demands from the other person. Apology? I know it’ll probably happen and we’ll see The Usual Suspects dancing around in glee misreporting what the conversation was actually about. I have no doubt of that occurring.

I also believe that there will be no public announcement from the GSC. Why should there be? It’s a private conversation. Why give these types of people any more publicity. In fact, if it weren’t for the one individual, no one would be aware of this Tragedy of Immense Proportion.

I wouldn’t give any type of apology. That’s just me of course and it’s because people of bad faith, that sling mud in every direction, don’t deserve one.

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