Slow Justice, But Finally Justice

Well, it looks like a several “guards” from the old Blackwater company are finally going to trial for murdering 14 Iraqis and wounding 18 others.

Good. I spent 13 months in Iraq and I can tell you that these were some pretty scary dudes. Not because they were badass, it was their swagger. When I was there, they provided “security” for diplomats and man, they came carrying heavy.

Mainly, we used to laugh at them. Yeah, sure most of them were ex-military of one branch or another, but few that I met knew anything about combat operations. There was no way I’d want to be in a convoy with any of these guys. Ever. I even met one guy who’s sole experience was being – I kid you not – an armed security guard at a bank.

We viewed these guys as been “gun happy” and out looking for a fight. They were clowns for the most part. I’m sure some people thought they were da-thing and were impressed mostly for carrying so many weapons on their body that, in a real firefight, they wouldn’t have been able to operate.

Looking cool and being effective are two different things. We always knew these guys were trouble and we never had anything to do with them.

I’m happy to see justice, as slow as it has been, work.

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