What’s the Point?

Do any of you that belong to any of the secular, skeptic or atheist organizations actually participate in any activities?

Something I’ve been wondering for a while now. Last year, I “joined” The Secular Coalition of Arizona (where I live). They’re headquartered in Phoenix, which is 3 hours away from where I live but I thought that I might be able to make some event or other over a weekend. I had no idea what events they were planning at the time, but maybe some sort of conference. I thought I would get an email or a flyer in snail mail.

Nothing. Ever. I never heard from anyone personally other than an auto-email thanking me. So after about 6 months, I cancelled. You would think that someone making even a small monthly donation might be on a list for something, but I wasn’t. I was sorely disappointed.

Another example. In 2012 I joined JREF. I received so much communications from them, it was almost too much and no it wasn’t about sending them more money. I didn’t renew last year due to some personal circumstances and haven’t renewed yet. Guess what? I still receive information from them via email on a monthly basis. Now JREF, as far as I know, isn’t organized at the state level, so there’s nothing “local” for me to attend, but if they were, I’d be there.

If I donate money, join an organization, I really expect to hear from them on occasion; certainly if they’re planning events. Currently I am a member of none. I don’t mind supporting efforts in the community and no there doesn’t have to be any kind of reward, but how about an informational newsletter once in a while so that I know what my donation is supporting?

2 thoughts on “What’s the Point?

  1. There aren’t any local organizations like this in my area. I have been a member of most of the national organizations and one time or another (e.g., American Atheists, Americans United for Separation of Church and State, Freedom From Religion Foundation, etc.). Honestly, I haven’t been thrilled with how any of them communicate with members. The Freedom From Religion Foundation used to be pretty good, but I no longer receive anything from them in spite of renewing my membership recently. I join these groups primarily to support their church-state lawsuits, but I agree with you completely that they need to do a much better job of getting information out to their membership.


  2. Here in northeast Ohio we have four very active secular/freethought/skeptics/atheist groups: The Center for Inquiry – Northeast Ohio, Cleveland Freethinkers, Cleveland Skeptics, and the Northern Ohio Freethought Society, a chapter of Freedom From Religion Foundation. I am active in all of them. All four have a variety of social events and formal programming, as well as activism events, throughout the year. A lot of fun. Also, not to far away in Mansfield are the Mid-Ohio Atheists.


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